Twitch is a famous online live streaming service provider. It has an immense expanse with various streamers, subscribers, moderators, and users. The growing trend and following may make it hard to handle all the operations personally. We have various tools and shortcuts like a whisper. How to whisper on Twitch? The following is a brief about the whisper and using it. 

How to whisper on twitch
How to Whisper on Twitch – A Brief Guide 4

Whisper on Twitch

Whisper is a way of replying to someone personally. Through this, we can reply to anyone without having to leave the current chat window. It may happen that your streamer might accidentally share some private information while live streaming and is not aware of it. If you notice it, you can silently inform them using whisper. 

Whisper can happen between friends, followers, streamers, and anyone on Twitch. You can communicate with the person irrespective of the channel you view. Say you are watching a broadcast, and your friend is watching something entirely different, you can still whisper on Twitch with each other. But how to whisper on Twitch? 

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Creating a Whisper

Anyone can create a whisper on Twitch. Moreover, we can create a whisper on the app’s mobile version and web version too. Here is a delineation of how to whisper on Twitch in both ways. 

  1. On Web Version.
  2. Creating a whisper through the web version is easier. The steps are as follows: 
  3. Open the web version of Twitch and complete the log-in with your user credentials. 
  4. Navigate to the desired channel where you are intending to create the whisper and open the stream chat
  5. As the stream chat opens, enter the following command – /w username message.

Here, the message in quotes would be the message you wish to send to the recipient. Twitch displays the usernames of the top 5 frequent conversations in the place of username. You can either choose from that or type the desired name. 

After this command, a new chat window opens, and you can continue to message the recipient privately. 

As we mentioned earlier, we can also do the same through a mobile app. The process for this version is given below. 

On Mobile Version

There are two ways of calling a whisper on Twitch through the mobile application. You can choose either way to complete your action. 

Direct Approach

This is an easier approach when compared to the others. All you need to do is open the Twitch app and navigate to the recipient’s profile on your Android or iPhone. You can directly tap the ‘Whisper’ option present below their profile if you use an Android phone. In the case of an iPhone, you can find three dots towards the right corner. Click on it and select ‘Whisper’ from the menu displayed. A private chat window will now open, and you can send whatever you want to. 

Web Approach

This method is similar to the desktop version of calling whisper on Twitch. But there is a fix here. You and your recipient should be on the same streaming channel. In that case, select the intended person’s username. You’ll find several options there. Click on the ‘Whisper’ option from the list. You can see a private chat window opening with all the previous messages between you and your recipient if any. 

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How to whisper on twitch
How to Whisper on Twitch – A Brief Guide 5

Receiving a Whisper

Well, we’ve now successfully created a whisper on Twitch. We can also receive these from others, right? How do we know if someone whispered to us? There is a whisper icon on both web and mobile versions of your Twitch profile. You can select that and view if there are any new whispers on your profile. This window also shows a history of all the whispers sent to you. 

You can use the Whisper Settings to manage and limit your whispers. Here, you can choose who can send them to you and the language settings as per preference.