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Console gaming has witnessed a meteoric rise in the last decade and a half, with sophisticated machinery dedicated to running games becoming widely adopted. The development of specialized consoles and the consequent rise in console gaming has been matched with that of the video game streaming industry in the last decade. While the 4th gen Playstation (PS4) has been a flagship console favored by gaming enthusiasts from across the world, its most prominent streaming counterpart in the online game stream domain has undoubtedly been Twitch. Twitch now accounts for a greater percentage of the total internet traffic in the USA than Facebook and is behind only Google and Netflix. The practice of Streaming Twitch on PS4 represents the perfect confluence of these two mammoths of their respective industries.


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As more people use consoles to play their games, it makes sense to use the same device for both gaming as well as streaming content. This eliminates the need to either switch or interfaces different devices depending on whether an individual is gaming on their own or streaming on Twitch. While more people are using the PS4 to stream on Twitch because of its practicality, the process can be confusing for novice streamers. Want to know How to Stream Twitch on PS4? Read on to find out!

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Let’s check the ways to stream twitch on PS4!

  1. To use the PS4 for Twitch streaming, ensure that HDCP is disabled. It should be turned on while viewing streams from Netflix etc., and off when the PS4 is being used to broadcast a stream. To control HDCP, go to ‘’Settings’ and ‘Systems’ and find the HDCP button.
  2. Set up Audio Sharing to enable sound from your microphone when you broadcast the stream. If you do not typically speak while streaming, you do not need to enable this option. However, speaking while streaming makes the experience more interactive for the viewers and is recommended to prevent the stream from becoming very linear. To share audio, go to ‘Settings’ and navigate to the ‘Broadcast Settings’ option. Then, select ‘Advanced Sharing Options’ and click on the ‘Audio Sharing Settings’ button.
  3. Set up the devices to be used during the stream. The PS4 only broadcasts video from the Playstation Camera. If you’re interested in broadcasting your face during the stream, using the Playstation Camera is a mandate. Other devices such as the microphone to be used to broadcast audio can also be setup here. To set up devices, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Devices’.
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Some addons

  1. Enable a chat feature for your stream by going to the ‘Sharing and Broadcast Settings’ option and select the ‘Advanced Sharing Settings’ button. Here, click the ‘Display Messages to Spectators’ option to enable chat.
  2. Click the ‘Share’ button on your controller and select ‘Twitch’ as the platform of choice. Now, you need to connect your PS4 to Twitch. This can be done in 2 ways.
  3. Firstly, you can scan a QR code that is presented on your screen. Otherwise, go to from a PC/mobile device and enter the code displayed on the screen attached to your console.
  4. Once done, pick a title for your stream and select the output quality. Start streaming and let the fun begin!


Note that the Twitch app is not required to stream on Twitch on PS4! It can be done through the website. However, to be able to view streams on Twitch via the PS4, it’s mandatory to install the Twitch app. Lastly, ensure that HDCP is correctly enabled/disabled depending on whether your console is being used to view or broadcast streams on Twitch. We hope that this article has helped inform you on How to Stream Twitch on PS4!

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