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How to Stream on Twitch on PC? 8

200,000 years of humanity and we were born in the era with Twitch streaming! Never before have virtual horizons spread so expansively before our eyes, and we can now get PAID to the game! Any gaming enthusiast wanting to make money doing what they love best and start a side hustle would consider Twitch the premier platform to stream games on. As such, one would do well to be thorough with the process of streaming games on Twitch via multiple devices such as PC, Consoles (Playstation/Xbox), or even Mobile. PC gaming is the longest-standing sentinel of the gaming industry.


  • Patrick Helms

    Patrick is our social media superstar. He worked for Fortune 500 companies before joining us a a senior account manager.

It has kept pace with advancements in tech and instead of facing obsolescence in the face of the rise of console-based gaming, continues to command a loyal support base. The ‘PC Master Race’ enjoys dedicated contemporary followership on Twitch and numerous PC gamers stream their content on the platform with great success. If you’re wanting to know How to Stream on Twitch on PC, this guide is for you! Just follow the steps below:

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Select a Streaming Software of your Preference:

Streaming on Twitch or similar platforms is not done directly from your device’s microphone/camera onto the internet. An intermediary streaming software is required to take in the data to be streamed and package (or ‘encode’) it such that it can be streamed on Twitch with good quality and high upload speed. Some of the common free-to-use software for this purpose are OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, and Streamelements OBS.

For purposes of this article, we choose OBS Studio as it has emerged as the consensus top choice for most novice creators.

  • After installing OBS Studio, you may choose between auto or manual setup. The autoconfiguration will setup the software for you, but using manual setup can help build familiarity with some aspects of the software.
  • Connect your OBS Studio with your Twitch account:
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To do this, go to ‘Files’ and select the ‘Settings’ option. Navigate to ‘Stream in OBS Studio’ and choose Twitch as the platform of choice.

Some more details on how to stream twitch on PC…

You can connect your Twitch account in two different ways. Either by entering your Twitch login information in the interface box or by using a Twitch Key. In this way, you make sure that the login details of your Twitch account are secure. It won’t be shared with OBS studio software. To find the Key, open Twitch and go to Settings’. Then select ‘Channels and Videos’ and copy the primary stream key available there. Next, paste it into OBS Studio, and connect your account to your streaming software!

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How to Stream on Twitch on PC? 9
  • Add sources to OBS Studio. Sources are locations of any media that you want to stream on Twitch. For instance, the game you want to stream is a source. Therefore, your audio if you want to verbally interact during the stream. Similarly, your webcam is the source if you prefer to stream with your face visible to record your facial expressions. These need to be added to OBS Studio. To add sources, refer to our article on adding Overlays to your Twitch Stream here.
  • Select the streaming settings of your preference. The settings should be such that you can provide your viewers with the best possible viewing experience. Besides, you should ensure that your device can handle the streaming intensity. In addition, it should maintain a high level of reliable performance without struggling. To get an idea of appropriate streaming settings, Twitch’s guide ( is a great place to start!


Now, you’re ready to rock and roll! Your Twitch account has been connected to your streaming software, which has been appropriately set up as well! All that is left for you to do is to start OBS Studio and click on ‘Start Stream’ and let the fun begin! This is How you can Stream to Twitch on your PC.

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Want even more information on How to Stream to Twitch on PC? Head over to to access Twitch’s guide for streaming through multiple devices!

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  • Patrick Helms

    Patrick is our social media superstar. He worked for Fortune 500 companies before joining us a a senior account manager.