How to Live Stream on Twitch.TV Using OBS! BEGINNER Streaming Tutorial!  (2016/2017)

Previously, gamers were seen as shut-ins. One could hardly think about broadcasting their gaming sessions live. But gone are those days! With evolving time and advancement of digitalization, gamers have started earning by making their gaming sessions live. This trend has adopted even more pace and fame with Twitch - the world's largest live game streaming platform. In fact, Twitch has become so versatile that it's no longer about games only. It has also become a haven for artists, amateur chefs, and even for the people who just want to talk directly to a targeted audience using the "IRL" category. Even with rivals like YouTube Gaming, Caffeine, and Mixer looking for a slice of the pie, Twitch stands out above them all. The platform is home to more than one million daily viewers and nearly two million creators to entertain them. This post talks about the nitty-gritty of streaming on Twitch.

A Few Necessary Words before Revealing How To Stream on Twitch

Understandably, you can't just get to stream on Twitch without a bit of setup and foresight on your part. You'll need to figure out what system you'll be streaming on, what streaming software you'll use, different peripherals to augment your stream, and how to create an account. Eager to know? Come, let’s check out!

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How to stream on Twitch: A beginner's guide

Even after losing its biggest streamers, Ninja and Shroud , Twitch is still performing pretty well. It's considered one of the best places to start your streaming career.

Beginners who want to learn how to stream on Twitch, whether as a hobby or as a professional career, may have a hard time figuring out how to get started. We think the first thing you need to worry about is the system you plan to use for streaming.

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Choosing your setup

A gaming PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 console is a must if you plan to stream on Twitch. The requirements for streaming Twitch will vary depending on how you want your stream to appear to the public. Higher quality expectations will require a higher machine configuration.

We suggest building your own PC so that you can meet your preferred specifications. This will involve additional technical knowledge and time spent, but it is the best way to stream perfectly. Those without the knowledge or time required for assembling a custom PC can opt to use a console or pre-built PC based on their preference.

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High-end laptops are also a decent investment in streaming but are usually not as powerful as the aforementioned systems. Less demanding games, or whatever you choose to stream on Twitch, will require less investment.

Audio, video, and voice

Headsets are a priority for console-only streamers, as they can stream directly on their devices using the Twitch app. It's also more compact and easier to use, compared to several separate pieces needed for PC streamers.

A webcam is not a requirement for broadcasting on Twitch, but it increases audience engagement, which is useful if you plan to make it big. There are many options in terms of viable equipment, but most beginners start with the Logitech HD Pro C920 or C922.

Each provides 1080p HD video during streaming and recording, producing 720p output at 60fps.

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For PC users, a dedicated microphone serves as a better choice than a headset. The most talked-about microphone that every streamer swears by is the Yeti Blue.

Create a Twitch account

To create a Twitch account, navigate to the official Twitch. tv website. In the upper right corner of the screen, click the purple "Open Account" button. Fill in the details asked such as username, password, and email address.

Once done, click the Open Account option. Besides, you can also choose to create an account using your Facebook ID by clicking the Connect with Facebook button at the bottom of the window.

Streaming Software

Now that the equipment is out of the way and you have a Twitch account set up, the next step to stream on Twitch is selecting the right streaming software. Like most things on the internet, there are many options, but most streamers prioritize three over all others.

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OBS, Xsplitou Streamlabs OBS are the top three that streamers usually use for their streaming sessions. Each is free and the choice you make between them is entirely up to you. Streamlabs has an average revenue increase of 30% when using their tools, so it is something to keep in mind for streamers who want to get paid.

A basic understanding of audio input/output, bitrates, and Windows O File Explorer navigation will go a long way in setting up your Twitch streaming software. Using any of them will require a bit of experience to get used to how they work, but it shouldn't offer any real problems, even for beginners.

Stream on Twitch 

You have your streaming software set up exactly the way you want it. That means the time is right, is it? Wrong! Before you can crush Go Live On your respective streaming software, you'll need to purchase a stream key and add a bit of information about the stream.

If offered, your chosen streaming software will connect you directly to Twitch using your Twitch account credentials. This means that the streaming software will already have the stream key needed to start the stream. They even connect you to your stream information for editing as well as live chat.

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However, if that doesn't happen, follow these steps.

  • Log into your Twitch account, click on your icon in the upper right corner, and select Creator Panel from the menu.
  • Then open the menu on the left and in the Preferences drop-down, select Channel. Here you will find the Main Stream Key that you can copy and paste into the area designated by your chosen streaming software.
  • Now go back to the Stream Manager window and click on Edit Stream Information.
  • Fill in each box with the appropriate information.

A live notification is not required for someone who is streaming for the first time. Come back to this after you have developed a stream. Filling in the category with the game you are playing also usually automatically fills in the tags.

Streaming on console

All the information already provided is more than enough for those trying to stream using a PC or laptop. The information is also good for consoles like Xbox One and PS4 with a few additions.

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If you choose to stream on Twitch over Xbox One or PS4, you will still need to download the app from the console's specified store. You can get the Twitch app from the Xbox Store for Xbox One and the PSN Store for Playstation 4.

  • Once downloaded and installed on your machine, log in and activate it.
  • Open the game you want to stream via the console controller.
  • Tap Xbox Button (Or share button for PS4) and select Twitch.
  • Adjust the settings to your liking before the broadcast.
  • Once the broadcast is live, you will be able to interact with the target audience via the chat window or verbally through a purchased headset with a microphone.

Novice Streamer To Pro - Best Tips To Stream on Twitch

To become a professional streamer, you will need to remain dedicated. Building a large audience and earning a steady income will require a heavy investment. Here are some tips that will help you achieve your goals.

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While equipment is an important component of streaming, don't worry too much about having the best options. You can always upgrade later; therefore, use what you have access to or what your budget allows.

A niche game is more likely to attract a new audience. High-end games already have many streamers and their own viewers, which makes it almost impossible for new streamers to grow.

Enhance the appeal of your channel with images and information, including a social media link. Interact with your target audience early and often. Stronger streamers will have developed a certain rapport with their viewer base.

Broadcast regularly and provide visible programming for your viewers. Keep an eye on the health and statistics of your streams to understand your audience and gauge their interests.

Now you know the best tricks to stream on Twitch. Looking for help in increasing the follower count on Twitch? Get your job done now!