We can't build a channel on twitch in a day. It has numerous operations, functions, and a lot more to explore. The same goes for improving the followers’ number too. One way of doing it is raiding on other channels. How to raid on twitch? Here is how: 

Raiding on Twitch 

We do a lot of things to improve our followers. Raiding is an excellent way of doing it. Generally, you have two options after your stream.

Either you end your stream, and your viewers switch the channels, or raid another channel and take your community there. 

how to raid on twitch

Raiding is one form of hosting done at the end of a stream.

It stays to its name – raid, wherein you take your viewers into another channel and check the content there. After you complete your stream, you can raid on any channel on twitch and interact with the host’s community there. How to raid on twitch? 

Process of Raiding

Raiding someone on twitch is not a mammoth to do. Follow these simple steps for how to raid on twitch and grow the community interaction

Commencing the Raid

Any raid on twitch can be divided into two crucial parts. The following is the first part dealing with establishing a raid between channels. 

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Type the intended username in the place of the channel name in the above command. Say you wish to raid an xyz channel. In that case, type - /raid xyz. 

  • After you enter this command in the chat window, you can see a pop-up with different options. Select ‘Raid now’ to commence the raid immediately. 
  • If you do not select anything from this menu, the raid would automatically start after a certain window. Mostly, the wait time 80 seconds if you don’t select anything. 

You are now ready to raid the channel. As in, you’ll start presenting that channel’s content, and the users are directed to the channel raided by you. 

Configuring the Settings

Configuring the raid settings is also a crucial part of the raids. Sometimes, our rides may not be worth it. There are chances that the other channels might misuse the opportunity and harass the users.

Or, the content is so boring that your followers leave your channel as well. We don’t know what lies ahead of the raid, right? However, we can limit these actions by configuring the necessary settings. 

  • Head to the settings icon in the chatbox. Here, you can limit the impact of the raid by selecting the ‘Follower-only’ checkbox. Through this, you are limiting the chat window to those viewers on your followers’ list. 
  • You can also limit the barge of bad raids by setting a specific time for following you.Choose to limit the chat window to those users who have been following your handle for a certain time. 
  • You can also report bad raids and block such channels from raiding your channel again. Under the ‘Settings’ icon, there is a ‘Review Raids’ option. You can see all the previous raids there. Choose the raid and report or ban it as per choice. 
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Twitch Settings

Twitch allows its users to choose who can raid their channels. If you wish to avoid anonymous raids and limit access to your circle, follow these steps: 

  • Go to the Twitch Settings from the drop-down menu against your username. 
  • Head to the Creator Dashboard section. 
  • Go to Channel from the Preferences wing. There you’ll find different options for raids - allow all, block all raids, allow raids from teammates, friends, and followed channels. 
  • Pick your selection, and the change is applied automatically. 
how to raid on twitch

Raids help grow the communities if used properly. They can create a way for more people to view your content.