Twitch is a famous American video streaming platform with millions of customers streaming various videos throughout the day. Twitch chat is one reason for the platform’s growing popularity. However, it remains on the streaming channel all the time. How to pop out Twitch chat? 

Twitch platform has an in-built chatting feature known as the Twitch Chat. It allows the users to communicate with each other during the broadcast. Here, the users are the streamers, audiences including you, and moderators. It is often known as live chat. The followers find it easier to interact with others using this feature. 

How to pop out Twitch Chat
How to Pop Out Twitch Chat? Know Here 4

Why Pop-Out Twitch Chat? 

There are various reasons why one would want to pop out a Twitch chat. Either it is distracting them from watching, or if the user only wishes to chat instead of watching the video. Whatever be the reason, the purpose remains the same. So, how to pop out Twitch chat? 

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Popping Out Twitch Chat During Live

The process of popping Twitch chat is quite easy now. Twitch provides a direct option to the users for this purpose. So, we no longer need to create an HTML file for it. However, this option is only available when you are on the live broadcast. It is not possible to pop out Twitch Chat without being live as of now. 

1. Without HTML File

As we mentioned earlier, Twitch provides the pop-out option. We can do it simply without an HTML file for it. Follow these steps to pop the chat out. 

  • Log in to Twitch through your user credentials. 
  • Go to a channel of your choice, either by searching it or through the browsing categories. 
  • Let the channel page load completely before you proceed with the actions. 
  • The chat settings appear at the bottom of the page towards the right corner. Click on it. 
  • Select the settings icon to open a pop-up window. 
  • You can see different options like View Chat Rules, Hide Chat, Readable Colors, etc. Select the ‘Popout Chat’ option. 
  • Clicking on it will open a new tab with the chat screen. 
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The new tab is only meant for chatting over Twitch. If you wish to continue streaming, you need to switch the tabs.

2. With HTML File

If you wish to go with the traditional method of popping out the Twitch Chat using an HTML file, the steps for it are given below: 

  • Log in to Twitch using your credentials. There is a drop-down menu against your username on the window. Click on it. 
  • The menu shows different options like Channel, Dashboard, Video Manager, etc. Select the ‘Channel’ option. 
  • Click on ‘Share,’ and you’ll find different web links. Copy the code present below the ‘Embed Chat’ dialogue box. 
  • Now, paste this link on the notepad and save it. Note that we need to save it in HTML extension only. 

For example, if you choose to save your notepad with ‘XYZ,’ save it as ‘xyz.html.’ 

  • Go to the stream folder on your device, and click on the file in which you saved the embedded code. 
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A new window pops up in the browser and shows your streaming chat. A welcome message ‘Welcome to the chat room!’ appears on the window. 

How to pop out Twitch Chat
How to Pop Out Twitch Chat? Know Here 5

3. Popping Out for Streamers

Streamers have to perform some additional steps to pop out Twitch Chat. By default, the chat places the streamer in Moderator settings. That needs to be converted into a non-moderator to pop the chat out. 

  • Log in to Twitch and go to the ‘Settings’ option on your live stream. 
  • The mod settings pop up now. Scroll to the bottom, and there you’ll find the option to switch to non-moderator settings. Click on it. 
  • The ‘Pop-up Chat’ option is present on the non-mod settings. Select that and pop your chat window out to a different page. 

This is how to pop out Twitch Chat in different ways. This option is beneficial for streamers to present their broadcast without distractions.