Twitch is one widely used video streaming platform owned by Amazon. People use Twitch to broadcast different things like video gaming, music, etc. Through these, they gain various followers across the globe. Efficient streaming engages people more than anything else. Panels are one best means for efficient streaming. How to make Twitch panels? 

Twitch Panels

How to make Twitch panels? This is a common question arising among various users.

Twitch panels are graphics or tiny boxes appearing below the user’s streaming profile while broadcasting.

These call-to-action guide helps control the live broadcast efficiently and ease the streaming experience. Through these panels, we can 

  • Provide more information about a video 
  • Direct viewers outside the platform through external links 
  • Create surveys and similar content for users and a lot more

There are three different Twitch panels in general.

We can choose any of them and know how to make Twitch panels. 

Header Panels – these are graphics paired with texts beneath.

You can use these in case you wish to make frequent edits to the information. 

Graphic Panels – here, you’ll nestle all the text within the graphics. It can be used to create static data that doesn’t require frequent edits. If you wish to make any changes here, you need to change the entire graphic. 

Extensions – these are typically third-party extensions to enhance the viewing thrill. These could be anything like a charity, leader board, etc. 

how to make Twitch panels
How to Make Twitch Panels? – Brief Guide 3

Making Twitch Panels

We can be as creative as possible in designing these panels.

However, we need to stick to certain dimensions while doing so. 

  • Any chosen image shouldn’t be longer than 300px high and 320px wide.
  • If your image dimensions cross these requirements, they are automatically resized to the standard values. 
  • The file size for any graphic being uploaded on Twitch shouldn’t cross 2.9 MB. 

There are various ways to create Twitch panels. We can use different software and create designs of our own. Adobe Photoshop is one widely preferred platform for this purpose.

Here is how to make twitch panels with Photoshop:

  1. Document
  • Open Photoshop and start by creating a new document. 
  • Choose your image dimensions before proceeding further.
  • It is better to go a little ahead of the requirements, as they create a better impact when shrunk by Twitch. 
  • Choose all the required settings from the dialogue box like resolution, color mode, pixel aspect ratio, etc. Choose the ‘Transparent’ option for the background contents. 
  • Click on ‘Create’ once you complete the selections. 
how to make Twitch panels
How to Make Twitch Panels? – Brief Guide 4

2. Layers

Now, proceed to the ‘Layers’ tab and select a ‘New Layer.’ Pick two transparent layers and use the ‘Paint Bucket Tool’ to fill them with white and dark colors. You can change these colors as you design your panel based on preferences.

Rename the layers to avoid any mix-up while creating different panels.  

3. Shape

Time to give a beautiful shape to the panels. Start with the ‘Shape Tools’ and pick a preferred shape by right-clicking on it.

You should select and paste the styles individually and later merge them into one using the ‘Merge’ tool.

Also, You can paint it in the desired color.

You can adjust the shape’s positioning using the ‘Move’ tool. 

4. Adding Details

Say you’ve chosen an Ellipse-Rectangular shape. You can paste an image in the elliptical shape and some text on the rectangle. You can use Adobe Illustrator to create the images. If the character crosses the shape, use the ‘Create Clipping Mask’ tool by right-clicking on the layer. Use the ‘Text Tool’ to create the text in desired fonts and sizes.

Adobe provides different tools like ‘Paint Bucket Tool, Gradient Tool,’ etc., to enhance the graphics. Try them out to improve your panel’s look.

Click on ‘Save As’ from the ‘File’ option once you are satisfied with the output. 

Adding Panels to Twitch

To upload this graphic on your Twitch channel, go to ‘Edit Panels’ below the streaming screen.

Click on ‘+’ and proceed to ‘Add a Text or Image Panel.’ Various options will appear before you.

Skip the ‘Panel Title’ as it would change the words inside your graphic.

Upload the graphic, review it, and submit it once done. 

The new panel will now appear on your channel. In this way, you can create different panels and add them to your Twitch handle.