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The rise of Twitch in the last decade has been nothing short of historic. It has taken the video game streaming industry by absolute storm, if not outright defined it. Twitch now boasts 3 million monthly broadcasters and an average of 1.4 million active users on the platform at any given time. Streamers from across the world now broadcast their content on Twitch and have access to a virtually unlimited audience. Twitch provides its streamers with unparalleled visibility and opportunities to monetize their brand and content. As such, it is in the best interests of streamers to utilize all resources that Twitch makes available to them to grow their prominence on the platform. The single most important avenue to do this is through going live on Twitch and pushing out live streams and other game-related broadcast content. This begs the question: How to Go Live on Twitch?

To Start With...

If you’re interested in maximizing your brand and visibility by learning How to Go Live on Twitch, this guide is for you! Going live on Twitch primarily entails broadcasting live streams of games. The process of doing so differs slightly depending on whether you’re using a PC, Console (Playstation/Xbox), or Mobile. To learn How to Go Live on Twitch via PC, click here.

This guide focuses on the process of going live on Twitch while using the Xbox and via mobile.

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How to Go Live on Twitch using the Xbox?

How to Stream to Twitch from an Xbox Series X or S
How to Go Live on Twitch? 5
  1. Open the Xbox and head to the store. Search for the Twitch app and install it.
  2. Once installed, run the app for the first time to automatically receive a six-digit code. Go to from a PC or mobile device and enter the code.
  3. Connect devices used for streaming with the Xbox. As the Playstation, requires the Playstation Camera, an Xbox requires a Kinect to stream video. Without a Kinect, the stream would be restricted to gameplay and audio only. To stream audio, connect and set up microphones when you go live.
  4. To enable streaming, go to Settings> Account > Privacy and Online Safety > Xbox Live Privacy > View Details and Customize > Game Content. Now, allow the “You can broadcast gameplay” option.
  5. In ‘Online Status and History’, select the ‘Everybody’ button under the ‘Others can See if You’re Online’ option.
  6. Set a title for your stream, launch it, and begin broadcasting live!
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How to Go Live on Twitch using Mobile?

  1. Download the Twitch app from the store.
  2. Log onto Twitch and click on the profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Press the ‘Go Live’ button and allow Twitch access to your device’s camera and audio.
  4. Give your stream a name, press ‘Start Stream’, and you’re ready to go!
  5. Note that going live on Twitch from the smartphone can only be done using the phone camera and games played on the phone cannot be broadcasted without using other third-party apps!

Streaming and going live on Twitch is a powerful tool for any content creator on the platform. You should utilize it correctly and regularly to build a channel following. The process of streaming-only differs slightly from device to device and we hope that these guides helped you successfully traverse your way through going live on Twitch!

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