Twitch is a vast streaming platform with millions of users across the globe. We can use this platform to broadcast different content like online games, music, lifestyle, etc. However, we need streaming software and a streaming key for it. How to get a Twitch stream key? 


Twitch is one of the most popular streaming websites. It has numerous people on board. While some stream their content, others just view what is happening on the platform. If you wish to broadcast on Twitch and want to know how to get a Twitch stream key, hang on to this information! 

how to get a twitch stream key
How to Get a Twitch Stream Key - Simple Steps 12

Stream Key

Stream key is a unique alphanumeric code that connects a streaming software to the desired output channel. This string is used to identify the incoming stream of a particular channel. Various social media platforms find stream key usage. But Twitch is one prevalent medium for a stream key. 

A stream key is an essential part of streaming on Twitch. As we all know, streaming on Twitch has a mammoth of advantages. Have a look: 

  • We can make money from subscriptions. 
  • We can be a part of various collaborations and ads. 
  • In-game items on Twitch also fetch a reasonable revenue. 
  • We can grow our network as the content reaches a significant number of people. 

Various other benefits also accompany Twitch streaming. The only way to enjoy all these is the stream key. Here are the steps for how to get a Twitch stream key. 

Getting a Stream Key

As we mentioned earlier, a stream key is essential for anyone who wishes to stream on Twitch. It helps the streaming software figure out where to send the video to. Every channel created on Twitch has a unique streaming key. Moreover, most streaming software asks for your streaming key before you begin the broadcast. Follow these steps if you wish to get your channel’s stream key. 

  • Open a web browser of your choice and go to Twitch. Log in with your channel’s credentials. 
  • Select your profile icon present towards the right corner at the top, and click on the ‘Creator Dashboard’ option. 
  • Head to the ‘Preferences’ section present in the menu. If you don’t find it, you can select the three horizontal lines present towards the top-left of the window. The options are then revealed fully. 
  • Select the ‘Channel’ option from the Preferences section. 

How to Get a Twitch Stream Key

Here you can see the ‘Stream Key & Preferences’ option. Your stream key is displayed at the top. You can copy the key if you wish to paste it somewhere so that your streaming would commence. Or, you can see the key by clicking on the ‘Show’ option. It is best to not share any information related to your stream key with anyone. There are several possibilities of its misuse. 

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how to get a twitch stream key
How to Get a Twitch Stream Key - Simple Steps 13

Using a Stream Key

We now know how to get a Twitch stream key and view it. Let us see how we can use this key to serve the intended purpose. Before we begin using the key, we first need to set up the streaming platform. As we mentioned earlier, you can use any streaming platform of your choice. Install the software, log in to your Twitch account, and follow the link-up steps. Once you are ready with these, here is how to use the stream key. 

  • Go to the ‘Broadcast Settings’ from your streaming software’s dashboard menu. 
  • Head to the ‘Stream’ option and make all the necessary selections based on the software’s instruction flow. 
  • Navigate to your Twitch account and follow the procedure mentioned above to copy the stream key. 
  • Paste the key in the prescribed dialogue box, and click on ‘OK.’ 

Note that these steps are a general approach for using the stream key. These may vary based on the service provider chosen.