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Downloading clips on Twitch is the easiest way by which you can save special highlights of a live stream and there are severe ways of saving and sharing these videos. Due to many reasons, the audience has discovered the need of downloading clips on Twitch, and the question of how to download a clip on Twitch has become one of the most asked questions related to Twitch.

If you are waging a video on Twitch, it doesn’t mean that you can access it forever. If the video related to a clip gets deleted by a streamer, you'll no longer find it on the platform. Downloading Twitch clips on your PC I an assured way to ensure that the clip can be availed anytime. However, there are a few ways by which you can download Twitch clips depending on the type of video you are willing to download.

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How to Download Twitch Clips?

You might want to download a Twitch clip that is personally created by you on Twitch, regardless of the fact whether it is for any other channel or yours. You can do the same by clicking the Clip Manager option on the Twitch platform. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on creator dashboard and then, content drop down options
  2. Choose clips
  3. Select the clip that you want to download.
  4. Tap on the share button which shows an arrow pointing towards the top
  5. Choose the first option in the menu that shows up with a simple of an arrow pointing downwards

You can do this for all moments that you have clipped personally from any other channel. But, what if you’re not the person who created a clip and the video you wish to save is not on your own channel? In this case, you’ll need to take the help of an external app to download.

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Apparently, the most well-known option that you can try for how to download Twitch clips made by someone else is by using third-party apps. The website just asks you to copy the link of the clip you want to download and paste it on the website. Then, just tap on the download option.

Also, you can find many extensions files related to Twitch clip Downloader on Google Chrome. These extensions can also be used for downloading the clips. They include an additional option to Twitch clips just beside the “ watch Full video" option titled “ Download Clip”. This is indeed a simple way to save Twitch clips to your desktop.

Can you Download Twitch Clips with Firefox or Google Chrome?

How To Download Clips from Twitch

Though it is absolutely okay to use an external source at times it can be safer to download the clip from the browser itself. This will let you choose the resolution in which you want to save the clip. Besides, it offers you better control over what you are installing on your PC. This is the best way by which you can download your favorite clip in whichever resolution you want.

Downloading Twitch clips straight from the browser is quite easy. But, if you want the simplest method on how to download Twitch clips, you will have to use Google Chrome or Firefox. You might have to consider using the Inspect tool but after that is done, the download process becomes easier.

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Thus, you need not worry about missing your favorite clips on Twitch. Now you learned the ability to now save any clip you like on Twitch. Everything about downloading clips has been discussed above for your help.

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