How to cheer on Twitch? Find here.

The Twitch streaming platform provides various tools for its users to try out. Every now and then, we can find at least something intriguing from this platform. One such tickle is cheering the streamers. Read and find out how to cheer on Twitch and encourage the streamers you love. 

What is Cheering on Twitch? 

We can find a wide range of content on Twitch in the present day. Cheering is a way of appreciating a streamer if the followers are so impressed with their broadcasts. Through cheering, we not only applaud the broadcasters but also provide them with some tips. These little tips are usually known as Bits

Cheer is not just encouragement. It is also a monetization given to the subscribers from the viewers. We need to first purchase the bits and send them to the desired streamer through cheering. Each bit holds a particular value, and every streamer is presented with the same whenever someone cheers them. Before we head to how to cheer on Twitch, let’s try and understand why people do it. 

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how to cheer on twitch
How to Cheer on Twitch – A Guide with Steps 4

Why Cheering? 

As is already mentioned earlier, cheering is more of an acclamation to the streamers. However, there is another scenario where you can choose to cheer someone. It so happens that some streamers initiate donations for financial assistance. But some streamers don’t do this for various reasons. In such cases, you can cheer them with Twitch bits. By doing so, you are encouraging them financially, and at the same time, appreciating their content. 

How to Cheer Someone? 

The process for how to cheer on Twitch is quite simple. All we need to do is, purchase as many bits as we like and send them to the recipient to cheer them. We can perform this task either on a desktop or a smartphone. 

1. On Windows/ Mac PCs: 

We cheer streamers through the web version of Twitch here. However, keep in mind that the channel you wish to stream must be live and streaming at the time of you cheering. Follow these steps: 

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  • Go to the web version of the Twitch on any browser of your convenience. 
  • Navigate to the channel you are willing to cheer. As we mentioned earlier, it should be broadcasting something while you cheer. 
  • Head to the Stream Chat present towards the right of the live streaming. 
  • You can find two icons – an emoji and a diamond shape next to the ‘Send a Message’ dialogue box. The diamond shape denotes bits. So, click on it. 
  • Here you can see the number of bits you have. If you don’t have any or wish to purchase more, use the ‘Get Bits’ option. Twitch provides various payment methods to complete the purchase. 
  • Once you have the required bits, click on the diamond icon again. You can find different chat emotes there. Pick the one that you like. 
  • Fill in the number of bits you wish to attach to your cheer. 
  • You can fill any message on the Cheer Command. There is already a default message on it. You can add whatever you like after the command
  • Send the message whenever you are ready with the message. 

Note that you can choose to send the cheers anonymously. There is a dialogue box saying ‘cheer anonymously’ as you click on the Bits icon. Tick against this option if you wish to cheer someone without letting them know who’s done it.

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how to cheer on twitch
How to Cheer on Twitch – A Guide with Steps 5


2. On Android/ iOS Mobiles: 

We can cheer a streamer through the app version as well. The conditions mentioned above apply here as well. The steps for cheering are as follows: 

  • Purchase as many bits as you wish to send and navigate to the destined channel from the Twitch app. 
  • Tap the diamond-shaped ‘Bits’ icon and choose an emote you like. 
  • Add any message of your choice and send in the cheer. 

You can see the cheer on the stream chat after this.