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Twitch initially did not provide its account holders with an option to change their username once selected. Over time, as the popularity of the platform grew, one of the greatest demands from its expanding community was to provide an option to enable username changes, and they listened! In 2017, Twitch rolled out a username change feature to much fanfare, but there are a LOT of associated caveats! Read on to find out how to change your twitch username. In addition, get to know about the factors and conditions that you need to abide by when you do so!

Changing Twitch Username - Details at A Glance

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Changing a Twitch username is a straightforward process but can only be done on the Twitch website or the desktop app. The Twitch mobile app does not provide an option for username changes. To change your twitch username on the website or desktop app, complete the following steps.

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Step - 1

Open Twitch and sign into the account you want to change the username of. If you have multiple Twitch accounts, remember to use the one that you want to change the username of. Logging into Twitch with an alternative account and executing the following steps will change the username of the alternate account (you don’t want to know how often this happens, believe us).

Step - 2

Navigate to your account icon in the top-right corner of your screen and select the “Settings” option at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

On the Settings page, select the “Profile Settings” tab from the options in the top bar.

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This will open a new page with relevant profile details, including your username. An “Edit” option will be located beside the username, which should be selected.

Step -3

Enter the new username that you desire. As long as it is available and follows Twitch’s naming policy, you’re good to go! Simply confirm the username by entering your Twitch password (for authentication purposes) and flaunt that internet swag!

Now, it is worth noting that while making the username change on Twitch is relatively easy, there are a few conditions that you’d do well to consider as well. The most prominent ones include the following

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The username change on Twitch can be Done Periodically

You can change the Twitch username only once in 60 days. Once you change the username, it remains permanent for a minimum duration of 60 days and you won't be able to change it again within that time. So, make sure to avoid typos 🙂

Once your Twitch username is changed, the old one is held for a minimum of six months.

On the expiry of the six months, Twitch may choose to hold onto it longer. It means people who want to use your old Twitch username, can't claim it when they make new accounts or change their usernames or release it for use by other members of the Twitch community.

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The URL for your channel with the old username will no longer redirect to your channel!

Essentially, anyone using an old link to access your channel will no longer be able to do so and will require an updated URL with the new username. This shouldn’t be a big issue, as most people reach Twitch channels by searching for them on the dashboard instead of using links. However, they will have to enter the new username to reach your channel, even if they use the search option.

Lastly, an imperative thing to remember is that sometimes username changes may result in loss of access to streamer stats on Twitch! To preserve stats for analysis, streamers should export them prior to executing the username change.

With this, you can go ahead and change your username, Besides, you are aware of the conditions associated with doing so. We’re sure your ‘twitching’ to try this feature out already!

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