How to Become a Twitch Partner
How to Become a Twitch Partner 3

Twitch is the largest live broadcasting platform. The platform has over one million broadcasters; the good news is that the platform is suitable for all types of streamers. You do not need to be perfect in streaming to make some money doing what you love on Twitch. As a Twitch streamer, you must get to at least 500 viewers to get partnered.

There are several advantages of being accepted into the Twitch partnership program. The Twitch partnership program gets thousands of applications each day, which even makes it harder for one to be accepted.

 Why become a twitch partner?

There are several benefits of becoming a Twitch partner as listed below:

  • Get emoticons to build your subscribers
  • Get access to Twitch beta features
  • Gain  loyalty among viewers
  • Get the ability to launch ads and have subscribers on your channel.
  • Get several promotion opportunities
  •  Get a verified chat badge

What are the requirements of becoming a Twitch partner?

Twitch partners can make more of the platform in several ways. One can easily earn through Twitch prime subscriptions, monthly subscriptions, bits from viewers, and more.  Unfortunately, not all streamers get accepted into Twitch partnership program. Just like any other affiliate program out there, this program has a set of requirement as follows:

  • At least 50 followers
  • Stream on seven unique days( over the last 30 days)
  • 500 total minutes broadcast (over the previous 30 days)
  • Have an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers(in the last 30 days)
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 Tips on how to become a Twitch partner

One has to work extremely smart in order to be accepted into the program. Here are some tips to get you started into the journey:

1.   Consistency is the key

Most beginners assume that streaming for hours ultimately leads to success. However, the truth remains that streaming smart beats streaming harder. The key to increasing your audience lies in your ability to flow consistently. If you stop streaming for some days, your followers are going to stop following you. This does not mean that you make streaming like your job; all you need to do is develop a schedule and stick to it. Maintaining your schedule means you get to build a loyal audience that increases your chances of becoming a twitch affiliate.

2.   Timing

It is not easy to attain the 500 required concurrent viewers. However, with the proper schedule and frequent streaming, getting past this number will not be hectic. Many viewers are not likely to notice your channel if you are online for few hours or odd hours. A strict schedule and more online hours will help you rank higher in the platform search results. The higher your rate, the higher your chances of being noticed by other viewers.  You can use a Stand By Screen before the actual game; this helps you attract more viewers as you prepare for the game.  You can also increase your overall exposure by simultaneously streaming on other platforms such as YouTube.

Remember, you can always ask your YouTube audience to follow you on Twitch. All you have to do is ensure that your screen layout includes your Twitch name to make it easier for viewers to get you on search results.

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3.   Engagement

 Your viewers always look forward to hearing from you. There are so many ways to keep them entertained. Most streamers use other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, or snapchat to let the viewers know what they should expect in their upcoming broadcasts.  You may use automation to keep your viewers entertained, but do not forget to make real-time updates on your hobbies, games, and more.  You can also take your engagement a step higher by meeting your fans in real life. There are several gaming events that you can take advantage of. Such events create a good platform to meet up with your viewers; it is the most genuine way to build long-lasting brand loyalty.

4.   Do not forget to promote yourself

How will people know that you are streaming if you never talk about it? Most successful streamers keep on updating their social media platforms about their upcoming streams. This is the simplest way to market yourself without investing a penny. There are tools such as TwitchBot Discord bot that automatically notify your followers in the Discord server every time you start streaming.

It is easier to also talk to your friends and family to follow you. When it comes to Twitch, every follower counts big time!

5.   Give it a try

 Applying for Twitch partnership can be tricky and discouraging at the same time. The application lets you tell the application manager about your goals and who you are as a person. This is the perfect chance to sell yourself.  This is not any different from creating a business relationship; you, therefore, need to stay calm, and choose your words correctly, create a perfect first-time impression.

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It is essential to understand that Twitch partnership management must see a potential business partner before they can let you into the program. Ensure that your proposal makes them see the benefits of partnering with you. Just like any other type of partnership, you may not get a chance during the first time. Do not give up; give it a try now and then until you are accepted into the program.

 What now?

What happens when you finally get into the Twitch partnership? As a partner, there are so many ways to make it up to your viewers. You will get emotes to start building up your subscribers. Emotes are channel specific-emoticons.

The path you take as a partner depends on your goals as a twitch streamer. Taking your streaming hobby to the next level needs a lot of commitment. The platform rewards the hard work of streamers by allowing them to make some money while doing what they love doing. You can build your business online as much as you give it the attention it deserves.