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If you are a Twitch user, you must have been investing a lot of time in watching streams or playing games. You must have heard about the Twitch partner program. There are several benefits of becoming a Twitch partner. So, if you are wondering how to become a twitch partner, read this post till the end aa it is also going to inform you about all relevant details of the same.

What is Twitch Partner Program?

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To give it a start, you can become a worthy moment of a well-reputed streaming community that sums up roughly more than 1% of the total broadcasters on this platform. There are several ways in which Twitch offers benefits to its Partner program.

It allows you to access a privacy support team. Whenever you face any issues or just need to get your queries solved, the partner help team will help you as quickly as possible. You will also find the option of creating your own streaming team. You can create a closed group of similar-minded streamers if you are a Twitch partner. In spite of the fact that only partners are able to create communities, any streamer regardless of their status can join if you invite them to your stream.

How to become a Twitch partner?

The guidelines that are included in the Twitch partnership program incorporate few criteria that must be met. Meeting these guidelines will make you eligible to apply for becoming a Twitch partner.

Path to Partner:

Twitch introduced the “ Part to Partner “ to assist you in becoming eligible to apply for the Twitch Partnership program. There are three accomplishments included in this:

  • Streaming 25 hours within the past 30 days
  • Streaming 12 hours within the past 30 days
  • Reaching 75 viewers on an average in the last days.

If you want to earn eligibility for the partner program, you must be meeting the stated requirements. Once an achievement is complete, you will automatically see a blue checkmark appearing next to it.

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This implies the fact that you must be streaming for 25 hours, 12 different days, and earn 75 viewers on an average in the past 30 days for getting eligibility for the partnership.

If you want to know how to become a twitch partner in the short term, then follow the tips below:

Develop a unique content strategy:

Choose a handful of games that you really enjoy playing and have a lot of things to talk about it. Discussing with your viewers about the game you play makes the entire process more productive both for you and your audience.

Be professional:

Make sure to have a high-quality stream with a proper camera, attractive design, and graphics.

Keep it real:

Never try to show what you are not. Authenticity can be way more appealing than emulating some other person.

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Make use of social media:

Keep your social media accounts updated about your Twitch channel. Talk about your upcoming sessions, the games you will streaming, your thoughts on that particular game, and other details. This will make people more intrigued to follow your Twitch channel.

Its no wonder that a lot of users keep asking how to become a Twitch partner as they know that acquiring the partner status will be a great achievement for their channel. The process may look a bit complicated, however, it's not rocket science. You just need to fulfill the requirements and be passionate about acquiring the status of a Twitch partner.

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