The video live streaming platform Twitch needs no introduction. People broadcast various videos like games, concerts, real life, etc., using this platform. One famous control in Twitch is adding commands. How to add commands on Twitch? 

Twitch Commands

As we mentioned earlier, Twitch is home to millions of users, be it presenters or viewers. Whenever you stream something on Twitch, your followers would want to interact and clarify something or the other through chats. It isn’t possible to reply to everyone doing this. If you continue responding while streaming, your broadcast would entirely be on the chat section only. 

How to Add Commands on Twitch
How to Add Commands on Twitch? 4
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This is why Twitch introduced mods and commands. Twitch commands are a set of instructions used by broadcasters and moderators. These are used to respond to and perform a certain task automatically. Some examples of these commands are blocking some users, turning on the follower mode, raiding a channel, etc. How to add commands on Twitch? 

Adding Commands on Twitch

Commands are crucial, especially when your community is constantly growing. As we mentioned earlier, it is impossible to respond to hundreds and thousands of users at a time. Using these shortcut keys to automate several actions saves the day. 

Some commands are common to everyone on the platform, irrespective of being a moderator, user, or streamer. There are certain commands specific to the streamers and moderators too. Here is how to add commands on Twitch to respond to the chats quickly. 

1. Choosing a Platform: 

Before beginning with the process, keep in mind that you’ll need a different platform to add new commands on Twitch. There are various websites out there for this purpose, and picking one is entirely your choice. As soon as you decide on the source, proceed with the following process. 

2. Adding the Commands: 

The process discussed below is a general approach to add new commands. It may vary based on your chosen platform. 

3. Open the website and go to the ‘Chat Commands’ section. 

Here, a control panel or a dialogue box appears based on the platform you choose. You can manage all the commands through either of them. 

4. Select the ‘Custom Commands’ option from the displayed menu and go to the ‘Add Commands’ section. 

On the screen, you can add all the characteristics of a new command and manage it. You can either create a new command from scratch or choose a template provided by the platform if any. 

  • Add a name to your command and specify the action it is intended to perform. 
  • Fix the advanced settings by selecting the ‘Advanced Settings’ option. 

Advanced settings include – setting when the command is active (while streaming, when offline, or in both cases), how to send the command (like a standard message, whisper, or a reply), command cost (if any), keywords and alternative ways to activate the command, and the number of times the command can be activated. 

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  • As you complete all the selections mentioned above, the ‘Active Command’ option gets highlighted. Click on it to enable the created command. 

Some platforms require you to enable certain permissions to complete the process. These are mostly moderator or editor permissions. Once you set them, your command is added and ready to use. 

How to Add Commands on Twitch
How to Add Commands on Twitch? 5

Apart from creating and adding the commands, you can perform various other actions too. You can edit the previous commands, enable auto-posting of some messages, and a lot more. Moreover, you can also create a chat command with multiple names. 

Here is where the ‘Aliases’ option comes to play. We already mentioned that you can add alternative ways and keywords to call your command. Say you’ve created a ‘Network’ command. You can add either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to it in the aliases and keywords section and call upon the appropriate keywords wherever necessary.