Every streamer on Twitch who earns revenue from it has to pay taxes. This streaming platform is one of the best websites for streaming, and every day it gets millions of viewers. A streamer has to pay taxes from their revenue, including sponsorships, donations, subscriptions, and more. 

How much tax do Twitch Streamers need to Pay
Twitch Taxes: How Often Do Twitch Streamers Pay Taxes? Is It A Lot? 4

There are people out there who are streaming as a job. The streamers get to do what they love and are getting paid. It might sound like a dream job to many, but they do not keep 100% of the money they earn. Like any job, even streamers have to pay taxes unless they want to get in trouble with the IRS.

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How To Do Twitch Taxes?

Not giving tax is a severe offense, leading to jail time. That’s why you need to prepare your financial document and present it whenever you are required to. 

It can be an arduous task to maintain tax, and Streamlabs and Twitch will make your life easier. Usually, both platforms will deliver you a 1099 form for your revenue. Later, you can fill in the details of that form on your personal tax 1040 form. 

taxes and Twitch Streamers
Twitch Taxes: How Often Do Twitch Streamers Pay Taxes? Is It A Lot? 5

This might sound complicated to many Twitch streamers, but it is pretty straightforward. Getting your receipts adequately organized is a must, and you do not have to make it seem hard. Putting in some time to track your expenditure and revenue will help you. 

The IRS can be very scary, but at the same, they are reasonable too. You need to fill in the details of your expenses and deduct them from your income, making the money that will be taxed smaller.

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Some streamers might think that since they are making from Twitch, they will not be required to pay taxes. But they are wrong. Streaming is equal to a typical job, and it doesn’t matter whether you are streaming at your home. If you are making $2000 a night by streaming, it doesn’t mean you can enjoy it all. We know it sucks, but it is taxable when someone earns, according to the IRS.

So, make sure to take care of your expenses and file your taxes on your normal tax file. 

The difference in Taxes for Hobby Streamers and Full-Time Streamers

Taxes can be different from streamers. If you are getting $600 as revenue from Twitch a year, you will pay fewer taxes than someone who earns $2000 a year. Even if you are streaming full time and getting less revenue, you will be considered a ‘hobby streamer.’ 

This is good for people as they have to pay less tax, and they will be able to get more money from Twitch. 

However, if you earn more than $600, streamers’ revenue will be considered a regular income. On top of it, if you are an independent streamer and are not representing anyone, you might also have to pay self-employment tax. 

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It is essential to pay your taxes as a streamer. If in the future you get famous, the IRS can get on your back and drain your wallet. Also, if you do streaming full time and you are making enough money, but you do not want to spend additional time doing taxes, it is always advised to hire an accountant who will take care of your taxes.

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What Expenses Can Be Reported For Tax?

As a career streamer, various expenses can be included in your taxes. So, it is crucial to keep a record. 

  • The cost of your internet;
  • How much do you spend on buying gear and equipment;
  • If there is any extra spending on training;
  • The money you give out to your editors and moderators.
Taxes paid by Twitch Streamers
Twitch Taxes: How Often Do Twitch Streamers Pay Taxes? Is It A Lot? 6

You can also deduct the rent money if you are streaming from different locations to stream. 

All The Streamers Have To Pay Taxes Regardless of Their Country

Few streamers might think they do not have to pay taxes because they don’t live in the United States, and the IRS won’t get to them. But they are wrong. You have to pay your taxes.

According to the United State’s Tax Code, it doesn’t matter if you live in the US or outside. If you are taking out money from the US, you will have to pay your taxes. 

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Wrapping UP

As streamers also have to pay taxes, it is proof that it is considered a regular job. If you are an aspiring streamer and someone tells you that it is not a real job, you can rub it on their face. 

Suppose you are good at a game or good at making content in general. You will find the right audience for yourself on Twitch, and this streaming platform can help you grow your platform and increase your reach. 

Also, remember if you start earning a large sum of revenue, do pay your taxes.