To Reach Gamers, Advertisers Must Look Beyond Twitch

Twitch has become the new home for people who love video games. This platform made its first appearance in 2011, and now almost after a decade, it is a platform that features more than two million broadcasters who are known as streamers. These streamers are people who live stream their gaming sessions apart from making music and other household chores. Basically, they are video game players and they play different video games. There are more than 5.5 million broadcasts released on Twitch every month. You must be thinking about how much does a twitch streamer make and what are the different ways in which they can earn.

The Top-rated streamers on Twitch don’t earn as high as the top-rated YouTubers but the difference is not great though. Few of the streamers in on Twitch make several million dollars annually. That is still very rare, so you need to know on average how much does a twitch streamer earns.

How much does a twitch streamer earn?

A roughly calculated revenue of $1.54 billion was made by Twitch in the entire year of 2021. It is obvious that not the entire revenue is to be attributed to individual streamers, but successful twitch streamers can earn somewhere in between $3,000 and $5,000 in a month just by subscriptions. There are people who can earn even more and many others who also can make a great deal.

Not-so-famous Twitch streamers are known to make just a few hundred dollars in a month. People who are beginners on Twitch generally don’t earn any amount until they become a Twitch affiliate.

Like many other social media platforms, Twitch streamers can earn money in different ways which include:

  • Brave
  • Tournament winnings
  • Twitch affiliate
  • Brave
  • Sponsorships
  • Patreon/Donations
  • Twitch Affiliate
  • Affiliate Links
  • Customized Merchandise
  • Uploading their videos on Youtube

Earnings of a Twitch streamer from subscriptions

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For knowing how much does a twitch streamer make, you must know that one of the most reliable sources to earn revenue for the streamers is to earn money through subscriptions. A user on Twitch can be following any streamer but if you genuinely enjoy watching their content and want to give them financial support, you can get a direct subscription to that particular streamer.

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There are different subscription levels like $24.99 per month or $4.99 per month. 50% out of the total subscription fee is taken by Twitch which means that on an individual basis a streamer can make almost $12.50 or $5.00 in one subscription. Those who are categorized as elite streamers are allowed to keep a higher proportion of the total amount raised through subscriptions. 

A Twitch streamer's Take Away from advertisement

Advertisements are another effective way used for earning revenue on any social media platform. However, it is a little different for Twitch. As because the content offered on this platform is live, the majority of the streamers don’t prefer putting up ads amidst their live gaming streams. It is more meaningful for the streamer to promote their content directly than doing so with the help of affiliate links or sponsorships.

Thus, this is all to be known about how much does a twitch streamer make. There are different ways by which streamers on Twitch can earn revenue and some of them have also been explained above in this post. If you are a Twitch streamer, you can also generate a food amount of revenue through subscriptions and ads alone. However, it is a fact that Twitch doesn’t directly pay any amount to its streamers.

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