How to Make Money on Twitch [Updated Aug 2022]
How much do you earn with Twitch? - Things To Know 4

Learn how much can you earn with Twitch and how the monetization of the platform works - which, believe me, is not limited to gaming content.

There are many types of digital content creators, and besides social networks, there are other platforms and formats to be explored. With the possibility of live broadcasting becoming increasingly accessible, a type of content creator focused on this format has emerged - the streamers.

This type of content producer commonly belongs to the gamer community. Just like Twitch, one of the most used platforms where their live broadcasts take place. However, we are talking about two things that are broader than this niche.

In this article, you can check not only how much do you earn with Twitch, but also how monetization works on the platform. Let's go!

What is a streamer?

Well, Streamers are content producers, with the difference that they focus on producing live content. In other words, they make a live stream of the game they are playing, so that fans can follow them. From this concept, the term 'streamer' derived.

Specifically, on Twitch, the content is more focused on games. Generally, a streamer holds expertise in a specific game. Naturally, this helps him/her to develop him/her own segment and filter the audience with an interest in the same, making the reach more organic.

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In short, there are two major ways to produce content on Twitch. The first is through eSports tournaments, which you can consider as a money machine and it delivers a huge potential to earn with Twitch. The biggest prize in the category is the game Dota 2, which distributed about $ 34 million, with more than $ 15 million for the team that took first place.

Many streamers are even commentators on these tournaments. In their spare time, when there is no competition, they make the broadcasts to interact with the fans. Some of the world's greatest streamers are also athletes, ex-athletes, and personalities from the gaming scene.

Ninja, for example, is a Fortnite athlete who streams the game for his fans. Are you ready for the number that he made in 2021? Well, it's a "modest" $17 million.

Of course, he tops the list, but there are several other streamers who earn millions of dollars and have millions of followers. To give you an idea, the tenth-largest streamer on twitch is DrLupo, with almost 4 million followers.

Earn with Twitch

How do you earn with Twitch?

Now that you know how much streamers earn with Twitch, you need to understand how do they earn. When content producers work at Twitch, they can be classified in two ways. The first is to become an affiliate. In this case, the platform invites users who have the minimum requirements, such as the number of followers, streaming time, and the number of simultaneous views.

Once you become even more successful on the platform, you can start earning by producing content. It is designed for those who already see streaming as their profession and have a substantial number of followers.

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Basically, monetization at Twitch works with a subscription model. That is, the audience can subscribe to the channel of these streamers in order to have some extra advantages over their favorite streamer.

There are, 4 ways to subscribe to Twitch: payments of $4.99; $9.99, or $24.99 monthly, which are the most basic model. In addition, there is an option to subscribe for free for those who use Amazon Prime. 

By subscribing to the channel, the user receives several advantages, for example:

  • Customized emoticons for the channel's chat;
  • Exclusive alerts of when the streamer starts producing content;
  • Exclusive chat room;
  • Ad-free viewing;

One of Twitch's biggest appeals is its proximity to the producer. The chat works all the time and in real-time, and the streamer usually reads messages that are sent to him.

Besides the subscription, there are other ways to earn with Twitch. The streamer can ask for donations, usually associated with a PayPal account. In addition, there are bits, a kind of tip that users can give voluntarily. In a one liner, there is a lot of money at stake.

There is also a third way to earn with Twitch, which is through sponsorships and partnerships. There are several niches that can take advantage of sponsorships on the platform, especially those who want to talk to a younger audience.

As we mentioned, the Twitch audience is extremely specific and very engaged, interacting a lot with streamers. Apart from that, companies like Amazon partner with them for direct product sales.

What are the streaming services used by gamers? - Need to know to earn with Twitch

In this post, we only talked about Twitch, right? But, is this the only one? The answer is no. Facebook Gaming and Microsoft's Mixer are trying to steal Twitch's place. However, this is very difficult. Twitch's dominance in this market is similar to that of Messenger in the U.S. It was the first to arrive, and everyone is using it, which means that it's next to impossible to get people off.

But that doesn't mean that people don't try. For example, Ninja itself was invited to leave Twitch by the Mixer staff, in order to strengthen the audience.

There are no exact figures, but he accepted after being offered between $20 and $30 million. Interestingly, even without broadcasting on Twitch for almost a year, Ninja still has the highest volume of followers, with almost 15 million.

Of course, this competition is great for the streamers who can increase their value from the competing market. But it is also great for the fans, who can always expect better service from the platforms.

What do you think? Did you like knowing a bit more about Twitch? Were you surprised how much a streamer earns with Twitch? While this platform is still more geared towards the gamer audience, it is slowly broadening its scope, bringing in different types of content producers.

So if you want to make money with content, this could be a great way to go. Need help in gaining more Twitch followers? Well, it's a click away!