Twitch took a toll on the online world within no time. Its motto is to encourage more people to join and stream instead of just being a user. We often find various channels with numerous followers onboard. Ever wondered how much do Twitch streamers make per sub? 


As much as we enjoy watching the broadcasts on Twitch, its steamers make a lot of money from it. There are various ways of making money on Twitch. Be it the subscribers, ads, bits, affiliates, tournament wins, etc., streamers can make a considerable income if they use the platform properly. 

how much do twitch streamers make per sub
How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make per Sub? 12

Twitch Affiliate Program: How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make Per Sub?

Twitch began as a video game streaming platform. However, it soon became so popular that the broadcast extended beyond video game streaming. Owing to the growing exposure, Twitch created an Affiliate Program to benefit the streamers onboard. It boomed because: 

  • More than half of Twitch’s users are aged between 18 and 35 years. 
  • It is home to millions of users from all corners of the world. 
  • Many records suggest that around 15 million users are active on Twitch each day. 

This piece of information shows that Twitch is an excellent platform for marketing. So, the Affiliate Program provides a way for streamers to make money out of their work. If you wish to be one of the partners for Twitch, you need to have at least 500 minutes of streaming in the previous month and 50 followers on the platform. Moreover, you also need to have 7 different broadcasts in the previous month. 

Affiliate Program and Subs: 

Apart from the various ways mentioned above for making money, the Affiliate Program is an effective way of earning money. Through this program, you can get in touch with various affiliates and increase your exposure. Also, you can enhance the streaming quality and diversity to improve the numbers. If a streamer meets the eligibility criteria and is a part of this program, their income from subs is delineated below. 

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Money from Subscriptions: 

How much money do Twitch streamers make per sub? This is the most frequent in most people’s minds nowadays. Well, it is natural to think about that when the platform is vast, and there are millions onboard. Moreover, subscribers are a key to improve the channel’s reach. So, these numbers are far more essential than we can think of. 

  1. Based on Affiliate: 

If you wish to know how much money do Twitch streamers make per sub, you need to first know the partners working for the stream and its extent. On average, if you work with any standard affiliate, you can make around $2.50 per subscriber. However, if you are working with a top partner, it can go up to $3.00 as well. So, the income from a subscriber lies between $2.50 to $3.00 in general. 

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2. Based on Subscription Plans: 

Moreover, the earning also depends on the plan chosen by a subscriber. Twitch provides various monthly and annual packages for every subscriber. Fifty percent of these earnings are taken over by Twitch. The prices are then calculated and credited every month. The average values come up to the same figures as mentioned above. In the case of elite streamers, they are allotted far more than what is mentioned above. These values can go up to 70 percent of the fee and more. 

how much do twitch streamers make per sub
How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make per Sub? 13

Other Ways of Making Money on Twitch: 

As it is already mentioned above, there are numerous ways to earn money on Twitch. Some common ways are 

  • Sponsorships 
  • Donations (real money and bits) 
  • Affiliate links (like referral programs) 
  • Customized merchandise, etc. 
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These are various ways through which a streamer can earn from Twitch. If someone posts intriguing content constantly and grab numerous subscribers, they can make a lot more than the price mentioned above.