How to Get a Sub Button on Twitch? Requirements and Tips
How can you Subscribe to a Twitch Channel 4

Channel subscription is the best part about Twitch. Subscribing to a Twitch channel is a very effective way of providing support to the Twitch streamer parallelly allowing you to avail some specific benefits like badges or emotes. If you are a Twitch Prime user, you can get a free subscription every month by default. However, even if you are not using Twitch Prime, you can get a channel subscription. You might need a channel subscription even if you have finished the free subscription. For subscribing through the mobile application, you can do so at once for several months. This is a great option for those who don’t want to keep the hassle of deactivating the subscription every month. Both ways, the process is really simple and doesn’t take much time. If you are looking forward to knowing how to sub on Twitch either on your desktop, Mac or mobile phone, follow the post:

How to sub on Twitch on Desktop

These are the steps you need to follow for subscribing to a Twitch channel on your desktop:

  1. On your PC or Mac, visit Twitch. Tv and sign into your Twitch account.
  2. Choose the channel that you want to subscribe by inputting its name in the search bar. You can also search for a channel by launching a stream which is in progress.
  3. On the top right part of the screen, choose" Subscribe “. You will then find a pop-up to show on your screen.
  4. If you already have an access to Twitch Prime, you just need to navigate down in the pop-up menu and choose “ Subscribe Free “ which can be seen under the option “ Two ways to subscribe “. If you are not a Twitch Prime user or you have exhausted the free subscription, choose the option stating “ Subscribe “. You can also see a price against that option.
  5. The users of Twitch Prime will get subscribed to the channel automatically without having to take any other action. Rest will have to input their payment details and follow the instructions showing up on screen to finish the process.
  6. After your payment process is complete, you can avail the benefits as a subscriber.
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How to subscribe to Twitch on Mobile Phone:

How to Subscribe to a Channel on Twitch to Show Support
How can you Subscribe to a Twitch Channel 5

The steps to be followed for how to sub on Twitch on your mobile phone are as follows:

  1. On your Android or IPhone device,launch the Twitch app and search for the channel that you are willing to subscribe. You can go to theofficial page of the channel or start a streaming which is in progress.
  2. On opening their page, click on “ Subscribe “ in the white coloured box at the topmost part of the page. While opening a stream, click on the purple coloured button mentioning “ Subscribe “. If you cannot see it, just click on video.
  3. You will the find a pop up button appearing which describes the rewards you earn for getting subscribed to the channel. Click on “ Subscribe”.
  4. Confirm that number of tokens you are willing to buy and click on the price mentioned against the amount you need.
  5. Input your payment details, or if it saved from before, just confirm the purchase. Once the process gets completed, all subscriber benefits are unlocked.

That’s all that you need to know about how to sub on Twitch. You can choose any way depending on whether you want to subscribe on the desktop or mobile phone. However, both ways are very easy to follow.

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