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Twitch presents itself as a very eminent platform for bloggers, video producers, and gamers. It is an excellent place that helps you in enjoying a varied range of game broadcasts. Be it adding new music or live game streams, Twitch can keep you covered with all that you need to know. The community of Twitch is continually growing with a large number of viewers and streamers both. Interacting, conversing, and exploring has never been easier as it is now with Twitch. A common question that arises in the minds of Twitch users is how do the streamers make money on this platform. Though, there are many ways of making money on Twitch, one of them is through Twitch Bits. Do you want to know what are bits on Twitch and other relevant information? Read ahead to know more.

What are bits on Twitch?

Buy Twitch Bits(cheers) and download

Twitch Bits can be referred to as the animated form of cheering emoticons that can be sent in the chat. This is indeed one of the most effective ways by which you can support your favorite broadcasters and streamers on Twitch. You can also consider them as a virtual or in-stream currency which is very easy to purchase online.

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 Twitch Bits are a very useful way by which visitors can intensify their voice and also support their favorite broadcasters either by purchasing or watching free online ads. The users can also donate their Cheer Bits to others while they are watching live streams. Designed not only to be beneficial to the streamer but the viewer too, there is a varied range of badges available to be collected by the fans.

As of now, only Twitch affiliates and Twitch partners can receive Twitch Bits. To turn on the cheering features, launch the dashboard > choose Partner settings-> Cheer in case you are a Twitch partner. If you are a Twitch affiliate, this option can be enabled by clicking on dashboard >channel and then, cheer. Now that you already know about bits, take a look through some more relevant information.

What is the value of 1000 Twitch Bits?

With a range varying from $1.40 for 100 bits and $10 for 1000 Bits, Twitch Bits are completely safe and can be used as a support to their favorite broadcasters by just clicking a button. With many purchasing offers available that represent the number of Bits purchased, there are different payment options to fulfill every need of the users.

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Can you buy Twitch Bits?

You can definitely buy Twitch Bits and the process is extremely simple. It is accomplished by using reliable applications like PayPal, Amazon Pay. The viewers can purchase in different slots varying from 25,000, 10000, 5000, 1500, 1000, or 500. After selecting the Bits that you are willing to purchase, the window of purchase Bits will pop up. You can either choose the payment option of PayPal or Amazon pay and select the continue option to complete the purchase procedure.

Though, this is the most simple way by which you can acquire Twitch Bits, it must be noted that there are many other ways by which you can achieve free Bits on your mobile and PC.

This was all that you should know about what are bits on Twitch. If you are a Twitch user, you will certainly know the importance of Twitch Bits. However, there are different ways of procuring them and you can try anyway at your convenience. The simplest way is to buy them but if you are not willing to invest real money, you can try other ways as well.

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