Viewers on Twitch are equal to how many likes you are getting on your posts on Instagram. Higher viewership can feature your stream in the main feed, and it will increase your popularity. Every once in a while, a Twitch streamer must have wondered how many actual people are watching their stream. 

Do you count as a viewer on Twitch
Does Twitch Count Yourself As A Viewer? How To Get More Views On Your Twitch Channel 4

The number of views does not stay the same for every stream, and the streamer might have high and low views depending on how well they are doing. 

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Understanding how Twitch viewer count works can be a bit complicated. Many questions arise, such as, ‘Does Twitch Count Yourself As A Viewer?’, ‘What are average views?’, ‘What are fake viewers?’, and more. In this article, we will give you every information regarding Twitch viewers. 

You Can See The Number of Viewers in Two Ways

It can be confusing for some people regarding viewer lists and viewer count, and these two categories usually display different numbers. 

Viewer List counts the users who have logged in to Twitch using their account. You can see the list by clicking on the List Button beside the Setting button below the chat. 

Whereas, Viewer Count refers to the total number of users watching you. Here the viewers who are not using a Twitch account are also counted. Also, the concurrent viewers as well. 

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Are You Considered A Viewer On Your Own Stream?

Yes, you will be considered a viewer on your own stream. When you start your broadcast, you will notice that you already have one viewer; that’s you. This can benefit you in a way, as you will only need two more users to join your broadcast to make you eligible for Twitch Affiliate. 

As long as your video preview is open, Twitch will count you as a viewer. However, you will no longer be a viewer on your stream once you close it. Many streamers might close the preview because of issues like slow and old CPU-GPU making the stream lag. 

Who are The Viewers That Are Active on Your Stream?

Concurrent viewers are the users who are watching your stream live. According to the analytics, it is the number of people viewing your broadcast simultaneously. 

viewer count on Twitch
Does Twitch Count Yourself As A Viewer? How To Get More Views On Your Twitch Channel 5

If one person A joins the stream and person B leaves, it will equal one concurrent viewer. However, before person B leaves, if they were watching the stream at the same time for a few seconds, they will be counted as two concurrent viewers.

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Here’s what you Need To Know About Unique Viewers

Unique Viewers are the total number of users who have watched your broadcast. Each viewer is unique, and it doesn’t matter if one single viewer has tuned in to your stream 15 different times. The person will only be counted as one unique viewer, and however, Twitch Analytics will count it as 20 views.

How Can You See Average Viewers?

According to Twitch, average viewers are the total number of people who watched and stayed throughout the stream. An average will be taken out of the total viewers. 

Do People Use Bots To Increase Their Views?

Fake views are everywhere, and it is hard to avoid them on your stream. Once you have gathered some viewers on your streams, bots will be automatically attracted to your stream. 

 Twitch viewer count
Does Twitch Count Yourself As A Viewer? How To Get More Views On Your Twitch Channel 6

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According to the famous streamer Ninja, on his stream with Drake, while he was playing Fortnite, out of 100% of his viewers, 60% were bots. Even streamer Tfue said on Reddit that 30% of his viewers might be bots. 

How Can You Spot A Fake Viewer?

Streamers and viewers have a way to see if a stream or channel has fake viewers or not. Usually, they will cross-reference with a bot master list. In this list, you will see many accounts flagged as a bot using a third-party app. For instance- you will see a name of an account that will be watching 1000-2000 channels simultaneously. It is a sus behavior. 

Usually, a real viewer can watch 2-3 streams simultaneously. If you can find fake viewers on your channel, it is vital to ban them.

Here’s How You Can Gain More Viewers on Twitch

Viewers are necessary for you to be successful on Twitch. You need viewers to interact and engage with your stream as a live streaming platform. Viewers can lead to more subs, donations, and follows. However, it is not easy to increase your views overnight.

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You need to put a lot of time into Streaming and come up with unique ideas to entertain your viewers. If you do it right, you will naturally increase your viewers. 

Wrapping Up

To become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner is every streamer’s goal. To achieve it, you need viewers. You need to focus on delivering a quality stream every time you go live. It doesn’t matter if you have fewer views. As long as you give your all, you will be successful one day. 

Focus on streaming daily with a schedule, interacting with your existing viewers. Also, make sure to ban and remove fake or bot viewers. You do not want gift subs to go to the wrong person.