Twitch is a major streaming platform, and many people stream as a daily job. However, you need to become a Twitch Affiliate to get revenue from Twitch. Not everyone can become an Affiliate and start making money, and joining this program is a huge deal and considered an achievement. 

How much Twitch Affiliates earn
Do Twitch Affiliates Get Paid And How Much? 4

It is much similar to getting verified on Instagram or Twitter. Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is the only way you can monetize your streams, and there are different ways in which one can earn money. 

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Every streamer’s goal is to be affiliated with Twitch. Let’s learn more about Twitch Affiliate. 

How Does Twitch Affiliate Work?

It is a simple process to get paid by Twitch. First of all, you will have to become a Twitch affiliate. When you become a Twitch affiliate, you will unlock some features on your channel that will help you earn income. 

To withdraw money from Twitch, you need to at least earn a minimum amount of $100. You can earn it through various methods, explained in detail below. Once you have gained a certain amount, you can withdraw the money.

You will have to set up a PayPal or Checking account. But you will have to provide your information and tax info before you can withdraw money. Once you are done setting up, it will take less than a week to receive your money from Twitch. 

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How Can Affiliates Earn Money?

As mentioned earlier, once you become a Twitch Affiliate, you will unlock certain features which will enable you to monetize your channel. Let’s take a look at it in detail.

The earnings of Twitch Affiliates
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This feature allows your viewers to subscribe to you. Your viewer or subscriber can claim certain benefits like emoticons, badges, no ads, and more. 

However, you will not receive all the money. Twitch has a revenue-sharing model. Subscriptions are the lowest method of monetization. Suppose any viewer buys a Tier 1 subscription from you. You will only receive 50%.

  • Twitch Affiliates receive 50% of Tier 1 Subscriptions.
  • You will receive 60% of Tier 2 subscriptions and 70% of Tier 3 subscriptions.
  • If anyone subscribes to you using Twitch Prime, you will earn 100%. 

Subscriptions are one of the safest and quickest ways to earn money. Usually, viewers will subscribe to support you and unlock benefits. That’s why it’s important to have good-quality and meme-worthy emoticons. You have to make sure that your viewers subscribe to you every month. 

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You can set up an account outside Twitch so that people can donate money to you. You will gain 100% of the revenue. 

Viewers can help you achieve your donation goals by making you do specific tasks by unlocking certain activities when they donate an amount. This is an excellent move to earn revenue. 


Affiliates also unlock Twitch Bit, which can help to earn income. Viewers will donate Bits to your channel, and in return, they can claim exclusive emoticons. 

  • Every 100 Bits is equal to $1. For instance- if someone donates 2000 Bits, indirectly, they are donating 20$. 
  • Twitch gets $0.40 per 100 Bits. Unlike subs, viewers directly pay Twitch while buying Bits. 
  • Viewers can spend their Bits on extensions as well. They can trigger and play visual and sound effects. 
  • Twitch polls are also another element on which users can spend their Bits. 

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Bits are safer than direct donations. It is an excellent way to accept one-time donations on Twitch, and affiliates are protected from extra charges and fraud as users will directly buy Bits from Twitch. But the only flaw is that viewers will pay more to Twitch to support you. 

Ad Revenue

The best thing about being an Affiliate is earning income with ad revenue. You can run ads on your stream through your dashboard, and Twitch will give you a standard rate per view.

  • You will get a cost per mile for 1000 views. The cost per mile can change throughout the year. You will receive a higher CPM during holiday seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.
  • Per 1000 views, you can earn around $1.00 to $10.
  • Streamers can choose who can view their ads. Usually, streamers will give an ad-free watch experience to the subscribers.
How do Twitch Affiliates earn
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However, viewers need to watch the ads to gain money from ads. If they skip or have ad block enabled, you will not receive any money. 

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You can earn a decent income by running ads every 30 minutes.

Other Ways Streamers Can Monetize Their Streams

Streamers are free to monetize themselves. There are various ways you can earn money.

  • Selling your merchandise is one of the best ways to earn money. 
  • Accepting sponsorships from different marketing companies. List out your business email on your profile. It is also essential to link your social media accounts.

As a Twitch viewer, sharing your favorite streamer’s social account is a must to help them grow. Here’s how you can share their profile on Instagram.  

Wrapping Up

Every streamer’s goal is to become a Twitch Affiliate to start earning from Twitch. Later, if you are doing well, you can also make your way to become a Twitch Partner. 

Twitch is a great platform to pursue what you like, and you can target your audience and gain fame.