Primes subs are great for subscribing to your favorite streamer without spending extra money. It is impossible to know about Prime when streamers keep reminding you to use your Prime subs on them before it goes to waste. You can use it once a month to subscribe to any streamer, and it renews every month. 

Prime Subs removed on Twitch
Did Twitch Remove Prime Subs? Is It Fake or Legit? 4

However, Primes subs or Twitch Prime days have been long gone. Some people might be wondering if Twitch removed Prime subs? The answer is No! Since Amazon acquired Twitch, Prime subs have been rebranded to Prime Gaming, and you will get pretty much the same benefits. 

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Twitch and Prime Subs might be new to some people. So, we will provide you with every information regarding it. 

What is

If you heard about Twitch and Prime gaming from someone but do not know what it is, Twitch is a streaming platform where content creators can broadcast themselves playing games or doing a specific activity. It is an online platform where viewers and creators interact with each other.

You can find various people here, from pro gamers to funny content creators to casual gamers. Running out of content on Twitch is not possible.

Where are Prime Subs on twitch
Did Twitch Remove Prime Subs? Is It Fake or Legit? 5

Difference Between Prime Gaming and Twitch Prime?

In 2016, Twitch introduced Twitch Prime as a premium subscription service for users, and it was included in Amazon Prime. This came as a surprise to many people as it was too good to be true. 

Fast forward to 2020, Amazon rebranded Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming. There wasn’t much change, and only the name was changed. 

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However, when Prime Gaming was launched, Amazon included many deals. Prime users could claim in-game content for various gaming titles such as Apex Legends, GTA Online, League Of Legends, Fifa 20, and more games. You might know this, but you can claim a free game on Prime Gaming every month. So it’s worth checking out. 

Is It Worth Getting Prime Gaming?

Get Prime gaming is 100% worth it as there are many benefits to a Prime membership. First of all, you are getting Amazon Prime, where you can watch movies and TV shows when you’re bored. The main advantage of Prime for gamers is that they get a free sub with it. You can use it to subscribe to your favorite streamer on Twitch, and you will get one Prime sub every month. 

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If you do not have Prime Sub, you will have to spend extra money on Twitch to subscribe to your favorite content creator. It costs around $5 per sub(Tier 1), and the price might vary depending on the tiers. However, with Prime Gaming, you get a Tier 1 sub at no cost. 

Removal of Prime Subs on Twitch
Did Twitch Remove Prime Subs? Is It Fake or Legit? 6

Benefits of Prime Gaming

There are many benefits to Prime gaming, and it is vital to know about it before you spend money on it. 

We have mentioned this before, with Prime Gaming, you can get exclusive in-game rewards for various games. This is possible because of Amazon’s partnership with different companies. You can get rare items that will be only available for Prime users. The best part is that you can claim a new reward every month. So you better not miss out on these drops and deals.

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In addition, your Twitch watch experience can improve drastically. If you spend a lot of time on Twitch, consider getting yourself Prime Gaming. 

  • Free subscription to one streamer every month.
  • You will not get any ads.
  • Twitch broadcast storage will increase from 14 to 60 days.
  • Prime Chat Emoticons and Badges
  • You can claim in-game rewards for various online games.
  • Access to free games. 

How Does Prime Gaming Benefit Streamers?

The introduction of Prime Gaming was a landmark and significant moment for streamers on Twitch as it increased the engagement and interaction on their streams. Streamers started receiving revenue from Prime subs. Even though viewers would sub for free using Prime, the streamers would get the same money as they get when someone usually subscribes to them. 

Streamers’ revenue increased overnight. However, there’s no auto-renewal on Prime subs. So, it is not guaranteed that one user will always give their Subs to one particular streamer, and sometimes users will also forget that they have a prime sub available. That’s why it is recommended for streamers to remind their viewers about their Prime Subs. 

Twitch has increased its scope beyond video games over the past few years. It started as a video game streaming platform, but you may now notice that Twitch caters to other categories. There are many non-gaming contents such as Just Chatting, Music, Cooking, etc. Since many people come with different interests, Prime Gaming subs help them improve their viewing experience. 

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If you have a Prime membership, this is a reminder that there might be a free sub waiting for you. The best part about prime gaming is that you can use Prime free for a month. 

Now you can elevate your experience by subscribing to your favorite streamer using your prime sub.