Since Twitch was released, bits were given out to viewers for watching ads. Users could exchange their watch time for bits. This was a great campaign by Twitch as it was increasing their ad revenue, and the viewers were getting bits for free. 

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Bits to replace ads on Twitch
Did Twitch Remove Ads For Bits? What's In It For You? 6

Bits are a great way to support your favorite streamer, and this free feature enables users to support them without spending any extra money. 

What Are Bits?

As we briefly mentioned before, Bits are Twitch currency, and you can purchase one bit for $0.01. To simplify, if you donate 100 Bits to your favorite streamer, you are donating $1. 

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Sadly, Bits cannot be cashed out like other digital currencies, and however, it is a good feature to support streamers. When you donate Bits, you can also gain certain perks, such as personalized badges, and the streamers might notice special emoticons.

Can I Get Bits For Free? 

Unfortunately, you can no longer get bits for free. In mid-2021, Twitch removed the feature to let viewers earn bits by letting them watch ads. According to Twitch, they wanted to fixate on a newer feature. The streaming platform introduced a new ad format, Multiplayer ads, through which users could vote in polls and give bits to their favorite streamers. 

What’s The Reason Behind Removing This Feature?

Twitch removed ads for bits on the streaming platform because they wanted to make cheering available for everyone. The platform wanted to introduce different ways where they could follow the same idea behind ads for bits.

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But there can be various issues involving the removal of ads for bits. Such as conflicts with advertising companies not being satisfied with the audience they were reaching, as they wouldn’t be reaching actual customers and clients for themselves.

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How To Buy Twitch Bits?

In recent times, there are no alternate ways to get bits. To get bits, you will have to purchase them, and it is an easy process and can be done by any Twitch user.

Follow the steps below to purchase bits:

Step 1: Head over to any streamer channel. 

Step 2: Navigate to the Diamond shape in the chat room and click on it.

Step 3: A box will open. Now click on Get Bits. 

Step 4: You will be able to see different pricing. Simply click on any, and you will be able to purchase bits.

The price range can vary from $1.40 to $308. You can check out the pricing in detail below:

Bits replacing ads on Twitch
Did Twitch Remove Ads For Bits? What's In It For You? 7
  • 100 Bits for $1.40
  • 500 Bits for $7.00
  • 1500 Bits for $19.95
  • 5000 Bits for $64.40
  • 10000 Bits for $126
  • 25000 Bits for $308

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The more bits you purchase, the more discounts you will get. So it is advisable to buy more bits at once instead of buying more later. 

You Can Support Your Streamers In Different Ways 

Bits were a great way to cheer for your favorite content creator. If you do not want to spend extra money on Twitch, there are still many alternative ways you can support a channel. 

Engaging With Their Stream

Watching their streams is the best any viewer can support their favorite streamer. It is not necessary to support them financially, and a viewer can interact and engage with their stream to boost their morale. If there are no viewers, the streamer will not be able to grow. 

Twitch ads vs Bits
Did Twitch Remove Ads For Bits? What's In It For You? 8

You can also share their streams with others on different social media, and this will help to increase their reach and visibility.  

Use Your Twitch Prime

Many users forget that they have Twitch prime, and users can subscribe to the streamer without spending any extra money. If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime, you will receive a Twitch Prime, which you can use to subscribe to any streamer of yours for a month. 

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Your Twitch and Amazon account must be linked together. Also, Twitch Prime is available every month. 

You Can Either Donate or Buy Their Merch

Usually, a streamer will come up with ways to earn revenue. If the streamer is entertaining and has some extra money, you can subscribe or donate to them. The streamer might also have merchandise and sponsor items, so you can check out and buy them to support the streamer. 


Twitch removing the ads for bits was a huge blow for the viewers, and it disappointed many users that they could not cheer for their favorite streamers, but in the long run, it might have been a good move for Twitch.

Bits are not only the way you can support streamers; and there are many other ways that we mentioned in our article.