Twitch is a popular live streaming site that allows gamers to broadcast their game sessions. Viewers can watch these live streams and interact with the broadcaster by chatting. Some viewers may also choose to donate money to support the streamer.

One way to show support is by subscribing to the channel; this gives the streamer a small amount of income and unlocks exclusive features for the subscriber, such as emotes (small icons that can be used in chat) and ad-free viewing.

Twitch Gifted Subs
Are Twitch Gifted Subs Random? The Benefits Of Gifted Subs 5

What Are Twitch Gifted Subs?

Twitch gifted subs are when a viewer donates a subscription to another viewer, and this is usually done to support a friend or fellow streamer. Gifted subs are also sometimes given out by Twitch as part of promotions or giveaways.

This is a way to support the channel and give another viewer the same benefits as a regular subscriber.

When a viewer gifts a subscription, they are given the option to choose how long the subscription will last. The possibilities are 1, 3, or 6 months. The viewer can also make the subscription recurring, which means it will automatically renew after the initial term is over.

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The person who gifted the subscription can also write a personal message that will be shown to the recipient.

What Are Twitch Gifted Subs
Are Twitch Gifted Subs Random? The Benefits Of Gifted Subs 6

Are Twitch Gifted Subs Random?

Twitch subs are usually random, but there are times when they are not. You may gift a subscription to someone you know by selecting their name from the list of viewers. Or you may gift the sub randomly by choosing the option.

Gifted subscriptions may also be given out as a promotion or contest. For example, Twitch may host a giveaway where viewers can enter to win a free subscription. These types of giveaways are usually announced in advance on the platform.

It is also worth noting that gifted subscriptions are not always available for all channels, and some streamers may choose to disable this feature on their channel.

How to Get Twitch Gifted Subs

If you're wondering how to get Twitch-gifted subs, there are a few different ways.

Here are some tips:

1. Be an active viewer in chat.

This is one of the best ways to get noticed by the streamer. By being active and engaging in chat, you're more likely to be chosen as a recipient of a gifted subscription; this is especially true if the streamer is doing a giveaway or contest.

2. Follow the streamer.

Following a streamer is another excellent way to show your support, making it easier to track when they're live so you can watch their streams. Additionally, some streamers may offer giveaways or contests exclusively for their followers.

3. Support the streamer financially.

You can also support a streamer financially by donating money or subscribing to their channel. Donating money is usually done through PayPal or a similar service. You can also subscribe to a channel to unlock exclusive features, typically costing $4.99 per month. This way, you're not only supporting the streamer but also increasing your chances of being gifted a subscription.

4. Be active on social media.

If you're active on social media, you can also support the streamer by sharing their content and following them on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This helps to promote their channel and increase their reach.

5. Gift subscriptions to others.

You can also support a streamer by gifting subscriptions to other viewers. This is a great way to show your support and also help promote the channel. In addition, some streamers may offer giveaways or contests only for those who gift subscriptions.

6. Participate in live streams.

Some streamers may offer gifted subscriptions as rewards for viewers who participate in their live streams. This could include anything from answering trivia questions to playing games with the streamer. You're more likely to be gifted a subscription by being active and participating in a stream.

For example, a viewer may be chosen at random to receive a free subscription if they follow the streamer and are active in chat. Or, a viewer may be given a free subscription for being the first person to answer a trivia question correctly.

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Overall, there are a few different ways to get Twitch-gifted subs. So next time you're wondering how to get Twitch-gifted subs, try following some of these tips. You may find yourself with a free subscription.

Twitch Gifted Subs Random
Are Twitch Gifted Subs Random? The Benefits Of Gifted Subs 7

How Gifted Twitch Subs Help To Grow A Channel

There are a lot of benefits of getting gifted Twitch subs. Not only does it help support the streamer, but it also helps to grow their channel.

Here are some ways gifted Twitch subs can help to grow a channel:

1. It increases the exposure of the channel.

When a viewer gifts a subscription to another viewer, it helps to increase the exposure of the channel, and this is because it exposes the channel to new viewers who may not have heard of it before.

2. Helps to build a community.

Gifted subscriptions also help build a community around a channel, allowing viewers to connect and interact with the streamer.

3. Encourages others to gift subscriptions.

When viewers see that others are gifting subscriptions, it may encourage them to do the same, and this helps to grow the channel even further.

These are only some of the many ways gifted Twitch subs can help grow a channel.

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