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What are Twitch Subscriptions, and why do they matter? If you’re new to Twitch, chances are that you’re hearing a lot about them and trying to decide whether to purchase subscriptions or not.


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Essentially,Twitch Subscriptionsare services provided by Twitch that let devoted fans access premium content from the channels that they like best in exchange for a small subscription fee. A stream viewership community can choose to monetarily support its favorite content creators by subscribing to their channel. In exchange, the subscribers get access to associated perks and subscription benefits!

Some of these benefits include the ability to use custom emoticons on Twitch chats across the platform (not limited to chats of the channel that you have subscribed to), shareable subscriber badges, and even select perks such as viewing content ad-free! The select perks vary from channel to channel and depending on the options chosen by the content creators to provide to their subscribers. Twitch Subscriptions also allow fans to directly send messages to the content creators and possibly interact with them one-on-one!

Let’s explore – Twitch subscriptions

Twitch Subscriptions are offered in ‘Tiers’ with each tier offering different benefits for a different price. The higher tiers cost more but provide more premium benefits to the subscribers. The basic benefits include custom emoticons and shareable badges. As the subscription tiers increase from Tier 1 to Tiers 2 and 3, all benefits of the previous tier are provided, with some extra ones being made available as well.

These include the provision of 5 additional emotes to the subscribers of Tier 2 and Tier 3 partner channels (provided the streamer has made these emotes available). For subscribers of Twitch affiliate channels, one additional emote is made available. Higher tier subscribers get a ‘Flair’ that is overlaid on top of their subscriber badge.

It is possible to preview how the overlaid flair looks on top of your subscriber badge when reviewing the benefits of purchasing a higher-tier subscription. It is also possible to disable the flair display on your badge. To do so, go to the channel page and click on the ‘Settings’ button which resembles cogs (it is located in the bottom-right corner of the page). Select ‘Chat Settings’ and click on your username under the ‘Identity’ section. Here, the flair can be enabled or disabled depending on your preference. An enabled or disabled badge flair is applied to wherever your subscriber badge is displayed across all channels that you have subscribed to.

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Provided they have been enabled by the channel that you have subscribed to, partner channel subscriptions provide the ‘Emote Modifier’ option. Modifiers are selected by the channel and any emote with available modifier options contains a small black triangle in the bottom right corner, from where the modifiers can be selected. Modifiers are fun effects that are added to emoticons and which can be displayed in the chat to make the conversation more engaging and interactive. Some common modifiers include adding sunglasses to emojis, for instance.

Multi-Month Twitch Subscriptions:

Subscriptions are valid for various durations. By default, Twitch Subscriptions are purchased on a monthly basis and are auto-recurring. The subscription will be renewed every month. Besides, the subscriber will be charged a fee automatically at the beginning of each month. However, the auto-recurring subscription can be disabled by choosing the ‘Don’t Renew Subscription’ option while making the purchase. Moreover, the duration of the subscription can also be changed. The default duration is for one month. However, you can also subscribe for 3 months and 6 months by paying the subscription for the entire duration at once.

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These are the basics of Twitch Subscriptions, and now you are armed with the knowledge to select the subscriptions that work best for you, while also supporting the channels that you love best!

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