In addition to Twitch followers & channel views you can also buy Twitch Livestream viewers for your streams to improve the authority of your channel and to rank better.


In addition to Twitch followers & channel views you can also buy Twitch Livestream viewers for your streams to improve the authority of your channel and to rank better.


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New Twitch users often don’t have a larger fanbase, and it takes them months to build a substantial audience. If you are completely new to this platform, you’ve probably already thought about getting followers and as many viewers as possible. It is important to understand that there is no general rule that you can follow to get the most followers. And with plenty of opinions out there, there is lots of room for testing strategies to see what works best and what doesn’t.

Gaining fame by streaming PC and video games is possible on Twitch. With way over 100 million visitors each month, you need an engaging and attractive concept if you plan to benefit from this massive audience. This article will help you to learn a lot on how to exactly have success as a Twitch streamer.

Encourage interactions

When you stream you have to get in contact with your community. Viewers will use the chat to ask question or give you tips on how to play the game you are streaming. See that as a chance to interact with your community and get to know them better.

Get featured

Livestreams with a lot of live viewers on Twitch can get featured, so they get even more viewers. So in conclusion you should aim to get featured on Twitch, because this is where the money and all the long-term followers are.

Greet new viewers

It is very important to great new viewers on your stream and tell them what your stream is about so they will stay and continue watching you playing. So you can make sure that they will come back, and maybe even with more friends.

Stream the games you love

It is not only important that you try to be unique and show your personality while streaming, but also that you stay relevant. You see, if you are planning to stream the big games that everyone is streaming, you will probably never be recognized. Why? The reason is that many big players have already dominated the site with such games. With your starter account, it is only advisable that you play the games you love and go for the less popular ones too. Dominate your niche!


Something else you should take note of when looking to increase the number of followers and viewers on Twitch is finding ways to encourage interactions and keep them going. You see, a good streamer knows how to determine the concerns of their viewers and followers and using the chat is one of the most effective ways to do that. Be as considerable in your chats as possible.
One way to ensure that you keep a look on the chat is by having two screens. You can dedicate one for streaming and the other one for the chat and your broadcasting program. That will show your viewers that you are concerned about them and they will be more comfortable to stay and encourage their friends to follow your channel too.

Aim for a consistent experience

You want to make sure that you give your viewers and followers the experience of their lifetime every time you are streaming. For instance, you don't want to dispose yourself and get the viewers wondering where you are facing or such stuff. The most important thing about this is that you may have a few new viewers and if they get an awesome experience the first time they are on your channel, you can be sure that they will come back, maybe with their friends.
In other words, ensure that your devices are configured correctly and that your hands do not cause any distraction during the stream. With everything in order, you will be on the right track to get more organic views and followers who will certainly want to be your subscribers.

Have fun

Streaming on Twitch can be an addicting experience, and the last mistake you want to make is to focus too much on making money. It is what many people do and that ends up failing miserably. When you don't put in your effort because you love what you are doing but rather just want to make quick money, you may have a hard time impressing your viewers, and the result will be undesirable. On the other hand, if you have fun, you will realize that making money will come as a result of what you love doing, and the follower base will increase.

Work with a schedule

Just like it is the case with your favorite TV show, you should consider setting up a schedule for your streams so that your followers can catch you at that exact time. More importantly, always stick to the plan. One way to ensure effectiveness is to choose the time when you will be free. A time when you won't have to stretch too much to meet your obligations.
You want your viewers to take you seriously and understand that you love doing what you. The idea is not only to keep getting more viewers daily but to work hard so that you keep them coming back and more importantly referring their friends to your channel.

Better ranking 99%
Reach more people 95%
Videos get recommended 96%
Become the Twitch Influencer 90%


This is more certainly one of the most important points you should take seriously. With the huge number of viewers on Twitch, to ensure that you can gain as many followers, views. And the weapon you want to use to stay ahead of your possible competition and have success on the platform is to be yourself. Everyone is always turned off by fakes, and the story is the same for Twitch. Always aim to be genuine and you will be amazed at the number of followers you will get.

Maintain engagement even off-stream

You may decide to take your interaction with your viewers and followers a notch higher by continuing conversations off-stream. How do you do that? Twitter, one of the leading social platforms associated with Twitch can be of great assistance in such a scenario. That way, you will be creating a bond between you and your followers at all times. You will understand them better, and the overall streaming experience will be more interactive.
Also, you can look for a Discord server which allows you to interact with your viewers either on chat or by audio.