Tumblr, written as Tumblr and voiced as "tumbler," is an America-based website used for social networking and microblogging. It was introduced in 2007 by David Karp and is presently governed by Automatic. On this platform, users can follow the blogs shared by other users. Bloggers can privatize their blogs too. Those who are bloggers can access several other features of this website from the dashboard interface. Let us now find out what happened to Tumblr.

what happened to tumblr
What Happened to Tumblr? Is it Still Relevant? 4

In simple words, it can be said that the social media world enjoys visible content like images and videos. This may be related to travel, lifestyle, meme, food, and many other topics. The content on Tumblr can give a perfect amount of dopamine in such a way that can't be accomplished by static posts. Although Tumblr had a joke after every text post, it was very unprovable for users to find an actual video post in their Tumblr dashboard. The closest options were GIFs, which took a lot of time to get loaded, and the users found it more exciting to keep scrolling instead.

What is Tumblr all about?

Though Tumblr had the potential to post video content, it never gained that level of popularity as its other counterparts. People didn't create an account on Tumblr for watching videos because there was nothing specific about the video format of this platform. As the dashboard was an endless scroll, just like TikTok, users didn't prefer to sit just on a single post to watch a long video.

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Back then, there were many short videos on Tumblr. Though it was all fine with the users, the lack of video content on this platform didn't allow Tumblr personalities to develop. You'd have to move to some other platform for those who needed lengthier content. You could also make a good blog without letting others see your face or talk straight to your followers. That is the main difference between acquiring fame by blogging fame and gaining success by becoming an influencer.

Tumblr was not an influencer platform, but there was a program it launched back in 2015. It comprises artists with their work to pair up with potential brands and promoters in paid campaigns. The structure of this program allows more or less the same opportunity of creating paid content just like a common influencer. However, it still lacks many features incorporated in its competitor's website.

What happened to Tumblr, and when?

Those asking what happened to Tumblr should know that in December 2021, Tumblr, the famous blogging platform, declared a newly imposed ban on adult content. The ban was enacted after Tumblr found its application to disappear from the Apple App system, implementing new rules for the app developers and exercising control over how the users gain internet experience.

The ban on Tumblr hasn't been a minor concern for the website. The NSFW content producers are significantly less in number, but their consumers have occupied almost more than a quarter of its user base. Many users gave raised petitions and started a massive protest, whereas many of them chose to leave the site. However, making adjustments to the guidelines may not show the blog of creative aimed at the ban on NSFW, declared in its statement that the concern was about their rules.

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There was a problem of child pornography that Tumblr addressed as it imposed a ban from 17th December on the NSFW content. To create a better place on this platform, the company will flag and conceal all the adult content like the appearance of sex acts, genitalia, or any other body part. The move has created a heavy backlash, and users fear the meaning of policy change for the space that was positive to body and sex used in developing community and discovering identities.

Tumblr has continually tried to solve concerns by making exceptions to the policy like art-based nudity, erotica, gender surgery, etc. But, it has consistently achieved failure in convincing users. The algorithm of Tumblr has targeted the regular creators on Tumblr with blog posts, like the one that explains the new community guidelines of Tumblr.

Why was the ban imposed?

The NSFW ban by Tumblr is the ultimate effort made by the platform that reached its peak in the early part of 2010 to remain popular. Tumblr is not the first of its kind to get banned, as it faced the same situation with the government of many other countries back in 2016.

what happened to tumblr
What Happened to Tumblr? Is it Still Relevant? 5

The community of Tumblr has always been better than most internet-based platforms, where people can feel safe and continue exploring. However, as it was a company thriving to acquire users, it was a huge loss to be unavailable for download on all iOS devices. But, this decision has prompted a vast exodus from the community that first built the platform. Sadly, because of the lack of genuine alternatives that give similar value to body positivity, this community continues to grow online.

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The ban imposed by Tumblr on adult content has given rise to a new set of problems removing the latest technology. A law can force companies to make decisions that make people feel unsafe, and issues arise when a company outsizes the influence on someone's speech. It can also be referred to as a story depicting how people at marginal levels find that they are pushed out of the areas where they developed communities. So, Tumblr can also be the most suitable microcosm of problems people face on all platforms.

This is all that you should know about what happened to Tumblr. As far as the relevance is concerned, it can be said that the ban is still imposed on particular categories of content. Tumblr is undeniably an excellent platform for people who like exploring new types of content. It features a wide range of visual content, including numerous images, videos, etc.