With over 500 million microblogs and billions of posts generated on the platform, it isn’t surprising that this social media platform is gaining rampant popularity, especially among fanatics. But, how cool is it that you get to create your blog with a Tumblr page and share your thoughts and interpretations of things you love doing.

However, if you are a beginner at Tumblr, there are chances you don’t know a lot of things. From the customization of your profile page to handling your posts, there are a lot of quick and fun tips that you are possibly unaware of.

Tumblr page
Tumblr Page – Tips to Grow Up Your Page 4

This article will discuss some fun and trendy tips for your Tumblr blog that you can implement on your blog.

Make use of Keyboard shortcuts

If you are using Tumblr from your desktop, understand that the web version comes with a range of amazing keyboard shortcuts. Before you end up typing long posts, scrolling to the top and bottom of the page for one post, implement the keyboard shortcuts.

Here are the top 5 that we had to mention:

  • L- Like the current post
  • Shift+E – Add a post to your queue
  • Z+Tab – Switch between dashboard and blog
  • Z+C – Compose a new post
  • K – Scroll backward and so many more

Allow users to reply to your Posts from the Dashboard

Like any other “social media” platform, even on Tumblr, you want to encourage engagement. And, what better way to garner user engagement on your Tumblr page than allowing them to reply to your posts.

For this, you need to tick the checkbox under “Let people answer this” that will allow the users to reply to the post. 

Send Asks to the other Users

How often do you come across a Tumblr profile that catches your attention? Sounds pretty intriguing and great, right? Well, you need to realize that the Ask option allows you to directly ask a question, leave your thoughts for another user. The good thing is that you can do it anonymously and you can ask it directly too.

The Ask option is present in the profile of the user you want to ask the question to. Ideally, it is present in the top right corner. You can send fan mails, ask a question and even leave queries.

Customize the follow and Share buttons

If you are actively blogging on your Tumblr page, we assume that you want your content to be shared. The easiest way to sort that out is by curating a Share button for every post. There are buttons to follow and share content that you can customize according to your needs.

First, you need to select a design for your share buttons and generate the code under there. The customization settings are available under your profile settings only, so you can correct them from the same spot. From there, you can change the HTML page accordingly.

Recover the Old themes

How often does it happen that you remember a theme that you had in one of your old Tumblr pages when you started your blog? Happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? Well, this is where you need to step up your game. 

Under your profile settings, there is an option to revert the theme that you have likely used in the past when you started your blog. From the base theme, you can further play along with what you like that matches your current aesthetic.

Mass Edit your Posts

So, you have a new curated hashtag that you want to add to all your posts. Or, there is a certain CTA that you want to add to every post that you have made on Tumblr so far. Well, going about one post at a time is not just tiring, it is unnecessary too. However, Tumblr is designed and developed to ease people’s user experience, so it isn’t surprising that it allows you to mass edit your posts too.

Once you are on your profile, under Customize, you will find the Mass Photo Editor option which you need to click on. Under that, you can click on the links and mass edit all the posts and the tags that you mean to change.

Queue up your Posts

If you are new to Tumblr, you likely won’t know the concept of Queue. This is a very popular option among the popular blogs that want to keep their Tumblr page active even when they aren’t actively on it. The queueing of the posts is more like a scheduling process for the posts that will get posted over a day, sometimes multiple days too.

View Search the old-fashioned way

Another very common trick that many Tumblr users don’t know about is using the search bar. Although Tumblr has changed and developed its search option now, things can be viewed in the staple old-fashioned way too. Under the new search bar, the users have the liberty to look up multiple terms and tags in one go.

If you want to view the search tab results the old-fashioned way, we’d recommend that you switch out the Search with Tagged in the URL on Tumblr.

Search for blogs without a search bar

Ideally, it is easier to just go along with the search bar to find your favorite blogs. However, what if we said that you can look up a blog without using the search bar? 

All you have to do in that case is type out - https://[username].tumblr.com/search/[search term].

This will bring you the result that you want to look for in the blog or the post that you liked and want to retrieve the post for. 

Tumblr page
Tumblr Page – Tips to Grow Up Your Page 5

Tumblr is not your typical social media platform. It brings along a lot of wants and finds that you won’t come across on Instagram or Twitter. The way Tumblr works is unique, so it is a given that you need to focus on these trending tricks and tips that can take you from a beginner to a pro in no time at all.

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