If you are a Tumblr user, you should use this platform to market your brand or for blogging. For knowing the various benefits of Tumblr blogging, read this post. 

Tumblr is a social platform that is also used for microblogging. It allows you to share services and reach the audience on a high scale. Tumblr is a lot more than just sharing videos and image content. It might be a new place for a lot of people but it has too many benefits. Tumblr can also be used for blogging purposes as it can enhance the traffic and ranking of your blog. 

Tumblr blogging

It is ranked 32nd in terms of the most popular social media platform and you must join it if you are a blogger searching for ways to grow in the internet world. Presently, there are over 110 million blogs as well as 50 billion posts from its members. If you wish to include your blog in these stats, it could be very beneficial for you. 

What are the Benefits of Tumblr blogging? 

If you haven’t joined Tumblr yet, you are missing out on so much fun. Though, Tumblr is a social network site that enables you to market your services without putting in much effort. It is a blogging platform that can provide you with so many benefits. It can be used easily and gives you quick access to a large audience at once. If you are planning to start Tumblr blogging and marketing, these are the assured benefits you will receive: 

  • It is great for SEO 

It can improve SEO as it gets a position within the search engines. As a lot of people share their posts on Tumblr, you get the ability to get a lot of traffic on your blog.

  • Allows microblogging 

It serves as a microblogging platform, which is a tool that allows you to share your posts easily and quickly. Tumblr was created to increase interaction such as a social media site, organizations will discover that the community on Tumblr allows easy interaction when compared to other social media networks. 

  • Different media options to post 

The users can post a huge amount of content on Tumblr, apart from blogs like images, links and videos. When you are using Tumblr for Blogging, you can post videos, images, links and a lot more straight to the platform without the need of adding any extra content. 

  • Track progress with analytics 

It enables you to keep a track of the progress of this site with various analytical tools. With the help of these analytical tools, you can keep a record of progress made by your blog over a while. 

  • A lot of customisation options 

Tumblr can offer endless options as far as customization of a blog is considered. It also offers a lot of options by which you can change the themes for free along with advanced settings for adding the ask me a link on your blog page. This would be availed easily if any one of your followers has doubts they want you to answer to. 

The answer to their questions can be submitted directly to the creator of the question, but if you see that the question is very common, you can just share it along with the answer, allowing your followers to view the question and gain a good amount of insight by themselves. 

The customisation options which can be availed don’t extend as far as a dashboard but that it isn’t much important either. By enabling customisation of your blog, you can give a personality to your brand and it is one of the best ways to express your brand and its mission, a sense of faith can also be instilled in your followers as they will see that your brand is much more than the only sale of products. 

  • Increase branding 

Tumblr is a great platform to promote your brand or service. With the growing g popularity of this platform, it has become the best marketing strategy for businesses that try to expand their outreach. With over 300 million users, a business can market its brand easily. If you post high-quality content on this platform, a company can create a strong recognition. It is an assured fact that there are a lot of other benefits you can get by blogging on Tumblr. 

How to make the most of Tumblr?

For making the most out of this platform, keep these things in your mind: 

  • First, don’t just be determined about marketing. You should join this platform with a lot of fun and keep all the goals in your mind than just marketing. You must use this site to create awareness of the brand and improve its recognition. It can also help you in educating the customers about your brand and improve other areas of your business. 
  • This can be done simply when you offer high-quality content to the users. All the posts you provide must contain good information and just as significantly they should entertain the readers as well. Another useful tip is that you shouldn’t include current news. You should provide content that can give information to the users about things they want to learn. 
  • Fix a goal to give inspiration to the people who go through your content. This should also be content that can be shared easily along with things that the users prefer sharing with other people. Post pictures and videos with your post occasionally and you will perform great. 
  • Lastly, ensure that you are marketing and growing your network with other Tumblr users already. Some of the most popular bloggers in the world started their journey on this platform and it is still used regularly. This is done for some reason. Tumblr gives you enough potential and you should make the right use of it. 
Tumblr blogging

These are some of the most remarkable benefits of Tumblr blogging for you. You must consider these benefits if you want to use Tumblr for blogging or marketing your brand. There are many other ways in which you can benefit yourself by blogging on Tumblr.