Tumblr is a social networking site that you might be already aware of. If you do not know much about this site, know all about the new Tumblr site in the post below. The post will be shedding some light on what the Tumblr application is and the list of features it offers. Tumblr is a place to explore, discover, and express oneself. It is in many ways similar to other social media sites and yet distinctive in any way. To know about this site in greater detail, continue reading the post further. 

new Tumblr site

Know what Tumblr is

Tumblr is a social networking and microblogging website that was founded in 2007 by David Karp. The site allows users to share their content in the form of short blogs with others. Interestingly, the users will also be able to follow the blog of other users just like any other social media platform. 

The bloggers if so desire, will be allowed to make all the blogs they post private. The Alexa ranking of Tumblr was 36 in 2017. The primary tool of this site is the dashboard where the users will be able to view the posts of other users. Tumblr is similar to other social media platforms; however, it is also very different from them at the same time. 

This dashboard is similar to the homepage of other social media websites that you might be using. Aside from this, you will also be able to comment on the post of other users. Not just commenting on the pots, you will also be given the option to like the post as well as share it by tagging other users you might know. What other sites do not provide is HTML editing and this is what makes Tumblr stand apart from other sites

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It allows the users to edit the HTML coding so that they can control the entire appearance of the blog they share. This allows them to customize their domain name so to make their blog more appealing. In addition to this, the users will also be able to schedule the post for a later period. If you wish to know more about this new Tumblr site, continue reading. 

What is the list of benefits Tumblr offers?

As you know what Tumblr is, you would indeed want to know the extensive list of features this site offers. We have here enlisted a thorough list of features that might help you get an enriching experience while using the site. Go through the same before you start using the site.

  • Schedule post: To begin with, Tumblr allows users to schedule their posts. This makes it easier for them and provides a better experience as compared to other sites. It is the post-scheduling feature that many other sites do not offer. If you are busy and cannot post the blog at a particular time, you can simply schedule it to be posted at that time of the hour. 
  • Tagging option: In addition, you will also be able to tag other Tumblr users while posting your blog as well as while commenting on others posts. You can tag your friends or other users to make your post more engaging.
  • HTML coding: Moreover, the users are also given the option of coding the HTML as per their requirements and preference. If the users want their posts to be displayed in a certain manner, they can control the entire appearance of their posts with the help of HTML coding. 
  • Mobile: Well, not just on the browser, you can also use this site on your mobile device. Tumblr is available on Blackberry, iOS, macOS, Windows phone, and Android. This has made Tumblr accessible to all individuals using any device. 
  • Inbox: In the last words, one of the interesting features is you can communicate to other users by posting questions in their inbox. The direct messaging feature of Tumblr allows the users to do so. 

These were among the significant features of the new Tumblr site. If this site is new to you, you might still be wondering why visit this site and create an account? The reasons for the same will be discussed in greater detail in the next section. 

new Tumblr site

Why choose Tumblr over other sites?

The list of benefits has already been mentioned above but yet, the question might arise in your mind why choose Tumblr over other sites. Well, there are multiple reasons for preferring Tumblr over other sites. A few of them have been highlighted below for your reference. 

  • At the outset, it allows you to manage your blog with the help of HTML coding.
  • You will also be able to customize your page with the help of various tools.
  • Tumblr supports text, chat, quote, video, audio, link, and image uploads. 
  • You can comment on others' posts as well as message them in the inbox.
  • All your posts will get automatically uploaded to other social media sites.
  • You can tag other users while posting your blog. This will help you connect with the other users on Tumblr. 

These were among the top reasons why you should prefer the new Tumblr site over any other. There are also many other reasons apart from what has been mentioned above which you will know as you start using the site. 

Tumblr is a social networking site offering an extensive list of features to users. If you are already on Tumblr, you might know the lucrative features it offers already. However, if you are unaware of the same and planning to open up a new account on this, do not delay any further. Tumblr is among the best social networking sites allowing users to microblog. The best part about Tumblr is that it provides the users complete control over how they want their page to look. 

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