You find several social networking platforms on the web. They serve different purposes and are useful for many people across the globe. Making the best use of any such application is only possible through knowing about it completely. So, let’s clear the air for a common query, is Tumblr a dating app? 


What is Tumblr? 

Confusing between similar apps is common these days. That is what happens with Tinder and Tumblr. One is a dating app, and the other is a blogging website. Is Tumblr a dating app? Well, no. It is a micro-blogging website wherein people share their ideas and experiences. Anyone above 13 years of age can create an account on Tumblr and start blogging. 

Is Tumblr a dating app

Everything seems fine, right? Why is there concern, and why do people ask, is Tumblr a dating app? Have a look. 

Getting to know Tumblr 

Like I said before, Tumblr is a blogging platform. It lets you post text, videos, links, and a lot more. The glitch here is the username. It is nearly impossible to find someone on Tumblr without their username. People mostly use nicknames and something of that sort as usernames. 

Problems with Tumblr 

  1. A problem with Tumblr is the privacy. Every post you make on Tumblr is public by default. So, anyone knowing your username can see your posts on their dashboards. Also, you cannot change this setting on the mobile application. 
  2. Another serious concern related to Tumblr is the content posted on it. The privacy checking wasn’t that prevalent, and the content used to be pornographic. So, most people are still not clear if Tumblr is a dating app or a blogging platform. 
  3. Some content on Tumblr encouraged negative and unhealthy behavior. This usually left a negative impact on youngsters. Since the platform is open for anyone above 13, it could trigger unwanted scenarios. 
  4. Also, some words could land on unpleasant information on Tumblr. Just a random word ended up in an unwanted website adding to the users’ concerns. 
  5. Naturally, most users are confused about Tumblr being a dating app. Another catch here is the name similarity. Tinder and Tumblr begin and end with the same letters and have a similar pronunciation. This added to the doubts, leaving people wondering about Tumblr. 
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Possible things on Tumblr 

As mentioned above, you can post any content on Tumblr, be it a personal experience or reposting someone’s post. You can add links, images, videos, and a lot more to improve your views. Creating an account on Tumblr is quite easy. Also, its dashboard is user-friendly. So, irrespective of you being familiar with the apps, you can still use Tumblr without discrepancies. Moreover, Tumblr is now focusing more on such unwanted content cited above, trying to make it a better platform for all

Is Tumblr a dating app


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