Tumblr is the micro-blogging way of sharing your experiences. You can share anything here but, that needs a little intrigue. So, here is how to use Tumblr easily. We’ll discuss all the basic things you need to know about using Tumblr here. Let’s get started. 

Create an Account 

The first thing obviously is to create an account on Tumblr. Well, just head to the homepage and do the following. 

  1. Go to the website. Select the signup option. 
  2. Here, enter your email address, a password, and a unique username. 
  3. Tap the sign-up option to open your Tumblr account. 

Your username appears on your URL and your Tumblr dashboard. The best thing here is you can change the username whenever you feel like it. So, focus more on blogging for now! Add a profile picture if you don’t want to leave your profile vague. 

how to use Tumblr

Setting your blog 

You’ll now need to set your blog since it is a blogging site. Go easy and in steps to set your blogs. How? Have a look! 

  1. Decide the content: 

First, begin by choosing what you want to post on it. You can either share your personal experiences or post something interesting to grab the views. Either way, just make sure you add the element of surprise and excitement needed. 

  • Pick a theme: 

Nothing wrong with leaving your Tumblr profile just like that. But adding a free theme can elevate the entire dashboard. You can also use the premium ones by paying for Tumblr premium. The whole idea here is to make your profile appealing. 

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  • Customize the space: 

Joining the theme are the background images, font, taglines, and others. You can customize them on your profile to create uniqueness for your posts. Doing so can also ease other users’ job of finding your posts on their feed. 

Knowing the Dashboard 

Tumblr’s dashboard is among the easiest of all. You can simply navigate others’ posts or just view your creations. You can find different icons on your dashboard next to your profile icon. These are meant to post different things on Tumblr, including a text post, a quote post, video post, photo post, chat post, audio post, and others. 

how to use Tumblr

One best things about Tumblr is its save option. Not necessary that you need to post the blogs here right away.

Lets you save the drafts and come back sometime later to publish the post. You can also queue the post to publish it later. All these options are towards the right side of your Tumblr dashboard. 

You are now set to use your Tumblr space. Finding followers on Tumblr, reading others’ posts by following them are all also easy. Try using catchy titles and creative backgrounds to hold the attention. You can also refer to others’ posts before creating yours to get some ideas.