Good businessmen are those who are able to adapt to changes around them. Those businesses that survive social and political changes are also able to get through economic crises. In this article, the change we are talking about is a change in the marketing platforms and strategies.

Many people are unaware that TikTok is a tool used to market your business and help it grow. Having TikTok followers is great for your business and using it effectively can be no less than a miracle for you. This article will help you understand why.

TikTok Followers
Why Having TikTok Followers Is Important for Your Business 5

Over the past few years, TikTok has gained significant popularity in almost all parts of the globe. Many users are enjoying this app a lot more than other mainstream social media platforms. And for any wise businessman, this should ring bells and make them think about how they can use this platform effectively to market their product.

After all, every changing trend is an opportunity to capitalize. It is possible to write an entire essay on the benefits of this app, but for the purpose of this article, we will explore three major ways TikTok can benefit your business.  

TikTok Is New and Has Less Competition

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, TikTok is relatively new to the market and still growing. It is one of those rare apps that enable people to try to make videos and edit them in exciting new ways. TikTok’s rival app Vine was shut down in 2017 and this further allowed TikTok to gain popularity. Currently, it is among the top ten apps with 800 million users around the world. Yes, you read it right. 800 million users! 

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This growing number of followers should alone be enough to help you understand why the app is so important. While it still does not have as many users as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but the nature of the app is very different and engaging. Moreover, since large brands are not on this platform currently, this gives new, emerging businesses a great opportunity to market their products on this app. All those businesses with relatively low marketing budgets can make the best use of this platform before the large corporations take over this app too.

The fact that many known brands are still not using this app gives your business a great opportunity to capitalize and gain followers. Using this platform the right way can help you expand your business in ways you may have never even imagined. 

Increasing Number of Active and Young Users

Young Users
Why Having TikTok Followers Is Important for Your Business 6

As mentioned earlier, this platform has 800 million active users with 90% of them using the app every single day. As per data, an average user spends at least 52 minutes of his day on this app. With the right kind of marketing strategy, you can easily get these users to like and buy your product.

Another unique thing about this app is that most of these users are young adults. Stats show that 41% of all TikTok users are under 24 and above 16. This further makes it an ideal app for brands targeting young people to set trends. These young people are easy to convince and they are the trendsetters. This makes TikTok an ideal app for products related to food and fashion.

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Moreover, this app allows you to effectively use songs and movie clips to create unique content that many young people might find interesting and appealing. This makes it a lot easier to come up with a new marketing video every other day.

Content Is Not Limited to Just Followers or Friends

This might be surprising for many people, but like all great apps, TikTok too is based on Artificial Intelligence and helps you understand the needs of your target audience easily. This is even better than an app like Instagram. Unlike other platforms, TikTok does not make your content limited to your friends and family and rather keeps delivering it to a wide range of users.

Moreover, just like on most apps, TikTok also keeps generating similar content in the feed of users. This means that if a user visits your profile once, it will keep appearing in his feed every now and then. This gives you an opportunity to market your product without having to spend money on paid advertisements.

How to Get More Followers?

While there are many ways of getting more followers organically, these powerful tips below are an ideal to start with.

Get More Followers
Why Having TikTok Followers Is Important for Your Business 7

Post Atleast Thrice Daily

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, TikTok encourages its users to post as much as they can every day. The more you post, the better it gets. Moreover, going live at least once every day can further improve results and help you find new followers. Posting at least thrice a day can help your product go viral.

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Make People Rewatch Your Content

How viral a post gets on TikTok depends a lot on people re-watching it. The more your followers re-watch your video, the more TikTok rewards you for it and helps you get new followers. This works for both individual users as well as for businesses. If your content is engaging and forces people to keep watching it, you can get more followers easily.

TikTok is very much connected to music and hence the best way to promote your product is to do so with some popular music. The app gives you access to so many songs to choose from. Just make a wise choice keeping in mind the nature of your video and your target audience!


This article has given you the main reasons why TikTok might be a great platform to market your business and has shared some tips on how you can increase your followers on this platform. Other than some of the organic ways of getting more followers, there are some paid apps and websites that will cost you some money. However, this money will be worth spending considering the great benefits you will get from it. Being able to get more followers will be your first step towards becoming a successful businessman.