Top 10 Tips to Increase Followers for Your Tik Tok Videos
Top 10 Tips to Increase Followers for Your Tik Tok Videos 6

Tik Tok has been the new social media craze over the last one year. Funny dance videos, song imitations and hilarious stories are some of the things that have been trending on the platform.

However, growing a following on Tik Tok is an uphill task as more users sign up to the platform. With more than a billion users, you need to create captivating content that can grab the subscribers’ attention within the 3-15 second videos.

Imitating trending videos, won’t cut it, you need to think objectively and create content that appeals to a specific audience. Here are ten ways to help you increase followers for Tik Tok videos.

Using trending hashtags keep you relevant within the Tik Tok community. Try to look for challenges that have been viral within the last few weeks and incorporate the hashtags used in your content. Challenges usually use specific hashtags to prompt users to create videos around the theme as part of a viral trend or a campaign.

Thus, including them in your content makes it easy for new followers to find you. Alternatively, consider creating your tags and making them a niche. It prompts fans to start searching for the tag causing it to trend within a short time.

The app allows the use of short captions, thus keeping the text short and using 3-6 hashtags should get you noticed. Three or four of the tags should relate to the video for better visibility. Some tips to help you when using hashtags include:

  • Having a goal in mind: In this case, your primary goal is to attract more followers
  • Make it exciting: What do your followers love most about you?
  • Make it easy: Followers want to imitate your funny hashtag so keep it simple
Use a Trending Hashtag

2.    Create Original Content

Posting the same content as 1000 other users will hardly get you noticed. Dancing and lip-syncing videos, for example, are all the rage on the platform; you want to avoid them if looking to attract new followers.  

Instead, find a way to make you stand out on the platform. Consider making videos about something you are familiar with. For example, you can choose a specific niche in the market and create content about it.  If you are passionate about that niche, you find it easy to create original content that can attract new followers.

3.    Groom Yourself for the Videos

Given that the platform mainly relies on visual content, it’s essential to look your best when creating the videos. You don’t have to be gorgeous but looking the part is critical to increase followers for your Tik Tok videos. Some aspects followers are keen to look at include:

  • The eyes: People with big eyes are naturally considered more beautiful. However, with a few makeup tricks, you can create the illusion of a large-eyed person
  • Hair: While fans can’t smell your hair through the video, keeping it neat and well-trimmed creates the illusion of a well-groomed person.
  • The skin: Ensure your skin is free of blemishes and pimples. Makeup should help you achieve a clearer appearance

Grooming is not just about physical beauty but personal hygiene, cleanliness, and neatness. Consider using filters to add a touch of elegance to the video. Be careful not to overdo it as followers can tell when a video is oversaturated with filters.

4.    Complete Your TikTok profile

Even the little details matter when it comes to attracting a new Tik Tok following. Leaving some parts in your profile incomplete creates the wrong impression to your followers. You come off as boring and unmotivated.

It would help if you provided as much information telling your fans who you are and what you. Your bio, for example, should be specific as it functions as a sales pitch. Don’t shy away from including funny tweaks about your personality.

Such minor details can attract new followers. A complete profile also comes in handy when connecting with sponsors and influencers in case you want to monetize your account.

Also, avoid using lengthy usernames that are difficult to remember and hardly attract a following. Short and catchy usernames stand out. If you are active on other social media platforms, consider creating a username that relates to the other platforms.

5.    Post Content Consistently

Tik Tok algorithms favor users who post regularly and consistently. Some people get excited when they create a Tik Tok account and post every day for a few weeks; then they take a break for weeks or months. Sadly, their engagement dies, and they may find it challenging to attract more followers.

Avoid going for 2-3 days without posting content. Keep in mind; followers have an extremely short attention span given the amount of content posted on the platform. As such, your videos need to be part of the content that keeps followers engaged.

That’s not all; you need to find the best time to post to increase followers for Tik Tok videos. Since the audience is still adapting to the new platform, there’s still an opportunity for you to experiment to find the best time to post.

Some users speculate TikTok’s peak hours are 11.00 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. as the average user launches the app during this period. However, the best way to find out is to know your audience; study the frequency of using the app and their behavior.  These steps should help you:

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  • Creating a Pro Account: The account provides access to TikTok’s analytics which can help you find the best time to post
  • Determine when your followers are most active: Use TikTok’s Analytics tab to monitor your followers’ active hours and the days of the week when they consume content
  • Identify the location of your audience: TikTok has a Territories section that makes it easy to find out your fans’ location to help you post at the most appropriate time
  • Evaluate the performance of the content posted: Click on videos posted to identify the likes, comments, shares, number of views, the source of those views, and the average watch time

6.    Create Exciting Content

The secret to growing your Tik Tok following is providing unique content. Since the platform relies on short video clips, you need to create exceptional and impactful content within that short time. Exaggerating your dance moves might just attract a new crowd. If filming still lifes like food, animals, or plants incorporate a loud sound or a human reaction.

7.    Find out the Type of Videos Your Fans Love

Posting content that resonates with your audience will keep them entertained and draw more followers. Here are some ideas:

  • Song imitation Videos: Look for a trending Tik Tok song and perform it with actions. If you are among the first people to use the song in your Tik Tok videos, you can attract a significant Tik Tok following within the first few hours or days
  • Use trending meme: The most trending meme that also found its way into Tik Tok was the ‘Months with Dora.’ Content creators who incorporated the meme in their videos garnered a pretty great following. Using such trends to curate your content can make you famous. You don’t have to imitate the whole idea; get the concept and use it to create original content
  • Tell funny stories: Short funny stories make an excellent way of entertaining people. Keep in mind; you have 15 seconds only to narrate a story that will attract followers. It would help if you wrote a script before streaming the video
  • Funny dance videos: Short and funny dance videos have a great deal of influence. Be sure to pair the video with a trending song to enhance your chances of getting found. An example is a dance challenge with a branded jingle or McDonald’s Big Mac Challenge
Find out the Type of Videos Your Fans Love
  • Changing lyrics to something positive: You can use a song to communicate your sentiments about issues such as gender diversity, anti-racism, the environment and more. If the message resonates with the public, you might garner more views and attract followers
  • Filming unusual stunts: The stunts should not put you in harm’s way but unique to draw followers
  • Short clips of cute pets: Pets are innocent and adorable so you can’t go wrong with pet videos. Whether they are having a good time or reacting to your voice, they draw a lot of attention. Pair the video with pet-friendly music and ensure they are comfortable when filming. The more natural the pet’s reaction, the more likes, shares and comments it attracts
  • Satisfying videos: This kind of videos elicit feelings of satisfaction hence the title. It can be a perfectly fitted tile, well-cooked pancakes or a perfectly-cut cake. All such clips can be oddly satisfying; you only need to arrange them accurately
  • Singing objects: You can use an old object to create a video. The secret is to pair it with a song that gives it life and makes it appear like a real person performing the song
  • Filming the creative process of developing artwork: Artists creating sculptures, crafts, pictures, comics, or sculptures can create videos showcasing the process of creating objects. Fans enjoy viewing an artist’s creative process; hence such a video should attract a significant following. What’s more, you can use the platform to promote your work
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8.    Participate in Tik Tok Challenges

Challenges can be ridiculous, but your participation goes a long way in attracting new followers. You only need to look for the trending challenge and participate. The most popular challenges include the Superstar Mix Challenge, taking tea while holding it on your chest, and the Dream Feet Dance Challenge.

Participating in such challenges increases visibility causing your video to be listed on the recommended watch list. Given that users follow trending hashtags associated with such challenges, you might garner more views and followers.

If the current trend does not match your brand’s message, create your challenge or trend. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have taken to creating their challenges that enable fans to recreate dances and upload them on the platform.

9.    Collaborate with Other Users

Creating content alone can be exhausting as you can run out of ideas pretty fast. Collaborating with another creator allows you to connect with their audience to attract new followers. However, it is imperative to find a creator who aligns with your values.

This way, you are more likely to increase followers for Tik Tok videos who are also interested in similar content. Some ways to partner with a TikTok user or influencer include:

  • Incorporating them in a hashtag challenge: You may ask the partner to promote your hashtag challenge to their audience
  • Account takeover: In this case, you allow the creator to post content directly on your account. The content is then cross-promoted on your account and that of the influencer
  • Endorsement: You should also consider asking the influencer to promote your brand on their account

As with other strategies, have a goal in mind (e.g., attract new followers) and assess the outcome of the partnership to determine its effectiveness. If you haven’t drawn a significant following, it might be time to try out a different strategy.

10.Share the Videos on Other Social Media Platforms

Share the Videos on Other Social Media Platforms

Your followers may not all be Facebook, YouTube or Instagram fans. Thus sharing your video on other platforms increases reach and attracts new followers. Most YouTube content creators leverage this strategy because it’s challenging to get found on the Search bar as a Vlogger.

They upload videos on Facebook and other sites, making them visible to their target audience, thus increasing their subscribers and YouTube views. Consider preparing a complete package of Tik Tok videos and upload them on YouTube.

Be sure to include a link to direct fans to your Tik Tok profile to make it easy to find you. Apart from increasing your TikTok following, you can advertise your content through pages on other platforms.

You might not increase followers for Tik Tok videos overnight, but these tips go a long way in achieving this goal. You also need to resilient and intentional about creating great content, whether it garners viewers or not.