TikTok is an app used by millions of users to create and consume visual content on social media. It’s a trend to jump in and take up many challenges and create short videos depicting the same. This is how TikTok parties came into existence. These short videos are quirky and people add their elements to them which makes them unique with their personal touch. The idea to have TikTok themed parties come from millennial or teens who have made TikTok parties their way of life. Your upcoming birthday can be a great place to start at.

TikTok parties
How to Host TikTok Parties in 2021? 4

TikTok parties are a creative theme to apply to your parties as it’s trendy, colorful, and give you never-ending ideas to work with. It will keep everyone involved as opposed to some fancy theme. Everyone is addicted to TikTok lately; hence this idea will keep your creative juices flowing. Nobody will feel left out when you choose a theme that everyone loves and wants to take part in.


Your invitation should be coherent with the theme, hence make sure these are designed with the TikTok logo and the application layout. Since we live in a TikTok era, these can be made online and can be sent as e-invitations. If needed take prints of the invitations and send them to everyone on your guest list as this can serve as remembrance after years. When you prepare the guest list, invite TikTok celebrities to elevate the vibe of your party.

TikTok cakes

What are parties without cakes? Place an order for cakes that are TikTok themed with the infamous music logo to satiate those sweet tooths. If you are a pro baker, go ahead and bake your cake. If baking cakes aren’t your thing, consider cupcakes.

Keep the number of servings in mind as you don’t want to run out of cakes for your guests. Decorate your cake with the color palette of TikTok and its brand logo to make it more appropriate for the theme. 

TikTok parties

TikTok parties
How to Host TikTok Parties in 2021? 5

Party supplies

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Party supplies form the main crux in any party, so make sure that everything right from balloons, banners, plates, cups, tissues are all TikTok themed. It will lift everyone’s spirits high.

Your party decorations should look the part of the theme you are hosting. If your venue doesn’t match the theme, it can be an instant mood-off. So decorations are imperative for a good party that’s soon going to be the topic of the town. It should not look like a regular boring party so the onus falls upon the host to create a good party atmosphere. 

Viral TikTok songs

A party without songs is good for nothing, so play some viral TikTok songs to keep your guests swaying. You’ll notice how you recognize so many good songs from their beats. Have a prepared playlist ready for your audio system. 

TikTok Challenges

Organizing fun party activities are the responsibility of the host of the party. So it’s important to incorporate TikTok challenges to your party for your guests to enjoy and keep them busy. This will make the party an unforgettable memory in the minds of the guests.

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You can make the challenges as creative as possible by splitting them into two groups and having a judge decide the winner. You could also arrange for some ice-breakers within the team to keep the ball rolling. Also, start a duet challenge to push the guests outside their comfort zone. This will be the perfect party in their lives.

To accomplish all these you will need more TikTok followers to boost your engagement. Are you tired that your account isn’t growing despite you pulling all possible strings? The only solution is to buy TikTok followers here and have a wider audience for your TikTok parties.