In the social media world, where there lies heavy competition to gain a greater number of followers, you may be left blindfolded without knowing who your followers are, and why are they following you. Having a clear idea about it using a TikTok follower tracker, will make you chalk out what they expect and keep them engaged.

Who is a follower of TikTok?

A TikTok follower is any person who follows what you post and your videos on the TikTok platform. It might even lead to connectivity in other social media platforms too.

The followers might be interested in the content of your previous video, the way you look or dress, the way you dance, the expressions you enact or might be attracted to your sense of humour.

TikTok follower tracker

Why is it important to understand your followers?

Not everyone follows you for the same reason. Their interest differs. To know what exactly your maximum number of followers like and focussing on engaged followers in TikTok would keep them attached as your regular followers. Using a TikTok follower tracker would reduce your complexity in this.

Gaining followers in TikTok vs Other social media platforms:

When other social media platforms or browse engines suggest a person according to their previous searches or present following.TikTok’s algorithm works differently by suggesting random videos that top the chart.  Anyone could become a celebrity overnight.

TikTok follower tracker

Your target must be “For You” feeds;

it is a place where trending videos take place and is the default page appearing on a screen when someone opens the TikTok application.

Your video finds a place in the “For You” page only when TikTok recognizes the quality of your content would please new audiences.

Turn into a Trendsetter

The fact is, TikTok users are not looking for you or your video, they are gazing for videos that are fun-filled, sensational and trending. It is advisable to never stay among the other herd in the crowd. It will take you nowhere on social media platforms.

TikTok follower tracker

Tracking followers

TikTok follower tracker is available for users who update to a professional account, TikTok Pro. It allows you to analyze your followers under various categories and gives you a clear insight into your followers.

Switching to TikTok Pro to track followers:

  1. Open your TikTok profile page, you will find three dots at the right corner.
  2. Click it and choose to Manage My Account.
  3. Now, choose Switch to pro Account.
  4. You can select your category and gender.
  5. If your phone number is not added to the account, you’ll be required to do it.

TikTok Pro and its features:

When you become a TikTok Pro account user, you will be assisted by statistics and analytics on your followers.

It depicts it in a visualized graph format. If you need a deeper insight into your followers, the followers’ tab will help you.

They will be listed in categories like Gender, Top territories, Follower’s activity, Videos. Your followers watched, and sound your followers listened.

TikTok follower tracker

All these features make the TikTok follower tracker a good guide and a time-saver for you.

But to make use of this feature, you must have abundant followers on TikTok.

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