TikTok Ban To Start Sunday, WeChat To Follow
Tiktok Ban In the United States in 2024 – Facts You Need To Know 4

The United States of America is probably going to put a ban on Tiktok….have you heard this too? From various sources, we got to know that ex-secretary of the United States, Mike Pompeo said that the government is “very serious” about banning Chinese apps. On 31st July 2022, ex-president Donald Trump declared that he has the authority to ban TikTok.  However, the administrative bodies have been changed now. Does the new US president, Joe Biden is going the walk on the way of his predecessor? This post checks all the facts related to the TikTok ban in the United States. Keep reading and get to know about all that’s involved!


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The Story Starts Here…

In late June last year, India banned about 60 Chinese apps including Tiktok. The reason behind such action was the retaliation against China. . They claimed that these apps are stealing and transmitting user data in a clandestine and unauthorized manner.

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TikTok’s controversies with user privacy and security issues are not recent. The app has already faced legal action for allegedly violating the privacy of a college student. Besides, it had to pay a fine for collecting personal data from children. The controversy that led to the possibility of the TikTok ban in the United States started here.

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TikTok and the U.S. – The Accelerated Steps for TikTok Ban in the United States

Tensions between the US government and TikTok go back a long way and mainly involve security and privacy issues. Last year, the United States pointed to Tiktok as a possible threat to US national security. The reason behind the same is suspected espionage since ByteDance, the mother organization of TikTok is based in Beijing. Naturally, it would answer to China’s security laws.

The biggest concern for the US government is how TikTok handles user data, based on speculation that the app would send US users’ information to China. For this reason, the military personnel in the States already initiated the the process of TikTok ban in the United States in 2022.  This encouraged employees to uninstall TikTok even from their phones.

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Ban in India – Did It Call for Tiktok Ban in the United States As well?

According to a report in The New York Times, India banned the use of Chinese apps due to political conflicts between the two countries. In June, some Chinese military personnel clashed on the border between the two territories. It resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers.

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In retaliation to China, India banned the use of Chinese applications in the country. They did it under the pretext that they “impinge on India’s sovereignty and integrity”. Besides, they are “stealing and transmitting” user data clandestinely to unauthorized servers outside India. It was worth noting that the Indian market accounted for a large portion of TikTok’s downloads.

However, the call for the TikTok ban in the United States is not derived from the stated India-China conflict. The US security agencies are not much satisfied with the data security policies of Tiktok. Thus, the proposal for banning the app came into the picture.

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Tiktok ban in the united states
Tiktok Ban In the United States in 2024 – Facts You Need To Know 5

 Tiktok Ban in the United States – Is the Controversy Justified?

In 2022, litigation was filed against TikTok in California. The trigger for the lawsuit was college student Misty Hong’s report. It stated that TikTok created a user account for her on the social network without her consent and saved biometric and face scan information.

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The lawsuit further alleged that TikTok was collecting data from users. Moreover, they were sending them to servers in China without the users’ knowledge.

And It Continued…

Another recent controversy involving TikTok’s privacy policies refers to repeated and unpermitted access to the iPhone’s clipboard (iOS). This fact came into the light with the iOS 14 beta update. With measures aimed at improving user privacy issues, the new edition of Apple’s operating system now warns when apps access the smartphone’s clipboard.

With the new feature, iOS beta users noticed that the app frequently visited the iPhone’s clipboard, even when running in the background. Naturally, it sparked debates about user privacy and security. However, TikTok denied the claim and declared that it never stores the data in question. Moreover, it was not the only app that became a part of such controversy, Linked and Reddit also passed through the same allegation.

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A recent report says that security experts compared TikTok’s privacy terms with those of other social networks and it found that TikTok’s privacy policies don’t differ much!

In actuality, the primary difference lies in the age of the audience using TikTok. It’s famous mostly among teenagers.  So, there are chances that they are less aware and less concerned about what they are sharing.

So, you can say that it’s not about the app, but about the people’s way of using it. When you’re using an online application, you should be careful enough about what you’re sharing so that no threat comes up in the way of the data security factor.  Otherwise, not only Tiktok, but any platform may turn out dangerous. Now, it’s up to you if you find the call for the Tiktok ban in the United States justified or not!                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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Possible US ban – the Current Scenario at a Glance

Last year, in an interview, former U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo hinted that President Donald Trump and the administration are taking the matter of banning Tiktok and a few other Chinese apps in the United States quite seriously.

Peter Navarro, who used to serve as the assistant to the president in the Trump administration, also supported the app ban thesis by saying that he expects “strong action” against the stated Chinese apps. Former US president Trump also confirmed his interest in banning TikTok several times while talking with American journalists.

However, In February 2021, the Biden administration backed off the federal pressure on Tiktok.  And if you go by the justice department’s recent reports, you can find out that the case against the platform is on the verge of being dropped off. Recent cybersecurity researchers of the states say that there’s no point in labeling Tiktok as a threat to national security considering the current behavior of the app.

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So, in a one-liner, the Tiktok fans, who are residing in the U.S, don’t need to worry anymore about the Tiktok ban in the United States.

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