5 TikTok Trends Brands Can Take Advantage Of Right Now
These are the Best Tiktok Trends in 2021 5

What’s popularity? What is your definition of this particular term? Well, if asked to answer in a single word, TikTok would be the answer. This app has done wonders in gaining popularity over just a short span and the count is still at a j-curve. With new Tiktok trends, it has become one of the most liked platforms for people across the globe

How Did Tiktok Make It Happen?

But, what made it happen? The way it can entertain users with new Tiktok trends that involves amazing content availability is something remarkable. It’s not easy to get more downloads than the giants of the social media jungle-like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, but TikTok made it happen. One year of self-isolation for users around the globe has added fuel to the fire. The popularity of TikTok is at its peak during these days with a prediction of more potential growth in the coming time. 

What could be an easier mode of entertainment than watching and filming short videos when you’re stuck at home? TikTok has been the ideal mode of delivering user-made content. Once a user downloads this app and gets on board, it’s next to impossible that they uninstall the app. Yes, this is the power of TikTok. With such a huge crowd under one roof, the rise of building revenue was destined to come into the picture. 

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In the year 2022, people were seen sharing their experiences at home such as playing with pets, a unique recipe trial, sharing how to monetize, and so on. TikTok in this year is turning out to be flushed with more heartening, funny, and uplifting videos. Want to know more about the hottest TikTok trends in 2021? Well, consider checking out this post now!

One of the most trending hashtags in Tiktok is #Vaccinatedfor, with millions of users coming forward on this challenge. They are explaining the why behind their vaccination showcasing vaccine cards and badges. 

The count of views for this particular hashtag is around 150 million, with people giving an end number of reasons. For example, hope to see family & the craving for travel. Doesn’t matter whatever be the reason and hope behind vaccination, TikTok loves hearing it.  This way, it has become one of the popular Tiktok trends.

TikTok videos are getting immensely popular in the segment which showcases things you could do at home. This is going to be trending till covid -19 backpedals. This pandemic led to an increase in the leisure time of people giving rise to finding out something they could do staying at home. 

However, Covid-19 hasn’t said goodbye to us yet and this means users will tend to occupy more time at home. This states that there will a rise in home-based activities, music videos, and other video genres. Fitness from home videos is quite popular nowadays as it’s helping to stay strong against this deadly covid-19 virus. 

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On the other hand, schooling has disrupted these days so there’s an expectation to see more and more educational videos coming up in the queue. Trying out new recipes as an experiment was and will continue keeping a good share among video count on TikTok. 

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Generation Z is Giving TikTok High Priority 

Stats say that Gen Z spends more than 500 minutes per month on TikTok. Around 98% of this segment use smartphones out of which a majority of them are active on this platform. While the older generations entertain themselves watching TV, Generation Z is least interested in the same because of the reason of being bound to watch scheduled content. 

Tiktok has given users the flexibility to make and watch episodic content. This replaces mini television episodes thus, swinging the young generation towards prioritizing TikTok over television. So, yes, the priority to use TikTok for gen Z also comes under the list of top Tiktok trends in 2021.

It’s Not Only About Common People – Celebrities Are Participating Too 

It took time, but now celebrities are participating on TikTok to reach out to the mass. A couple of young stars were already active on Tiktok even before gaining fame. After all, this wonderful video-sharing app also delivered celebrities who became popular via this platform only.

Hashtag #Memes - One of the Must-mention Tiktok Trends

It’s not only about Tiktok but memes are in huge popularity across all social media channels. Though the medium for memes is more obvious with still images than videos, TikTokers are making short videos to highlight their favorite meme, and eventually, this turned into one of the well-known Tiktok trends this year. With the rising number of shares towards such videos, there’s a rise in the inspiration to make identical videos by different users themselves. 

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Branded Hashtag Challenges

Popular brands never stay back-dated when it comes to going with the flow these days. Big brands have derived the sense of marketing via creating challenges that appeal to their target audience. 

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The process is simple. Companies are creating hashtags and asking their followers to create videos that revolve around their hashtag or product.  Though such advertisement of hashtag challenge is pretty expensive for them this is gaining popularity because of user engagement towards it. 

Rise of Social Commerce

Tiktok targets the young demography which is ultimately the same audience to involve in social commerce. Hashtag challenge plus from TikTok enables brands to set sponsored promotions. As discussed before, users share videos or something in relevancy to the marketing campaigns. 

With hashtag challenge plus, there’s a shoppable component that users can access to buy products then and there within the platform. Simultaneously, the announcement of TikTok’s partnership with Shopify is a green signal for Shopify brands to reach out to the young crowd.

Once Shopify brands install the new TikTok channel app, they can easily run ad campaigns right from their own Shopify dashboard. Merchants will have access to creating native and shareable content which would turn their products into in-feed video advertisements. 

Songs to Get Popularity Beyond Doubt

Trending songs as backing up Tiktok videos is not something new. The videos uploaded on this platform though aren’t depending on songs for popularity; still, it’s used by many. Tiktok has made sure to grant permission for short clips from songs being in association with many music studios. 

Be it a dance challenge or some other entertainment, certain songs get viral on TikTok and it keeps on changing.  This trend can be considered evergreen for TikTok and will continue to be used by many people during 2021 and upcoming years hopefully.