Did you see the most liked TikTok video yet? 

The reason behind the popularity of the Most Liked TikTok

 most liked TikTok

There are hundreds of videos uploaded by different creators every day on TikTok. You might be wondering how come one video became the most liked video. Well, let's try to look at why it became the most popular.

Before creating a video, you need to keep certain things in mind. Those are the quality, content, and production of the most liked TikTok. First comes the planning of the content. Research upon the video you want to make and have a look at the competitors. Don't copy them. Try to learn the key points from them and then apply them to your videos.

Lightning and the camera quality should be good so that viewers don't face problems like lagging. Arrange for quality cameras and shoot with them. Also, arrange for proper dress and makeup. Post editing is also important for a quality video to be produced.

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These were some of the points which were taken care of while making the most liked TikTok.

The most liked TikTok in the year 2022 was Addison Rae with 12.2 Million Likes and 86.2 Million Views.

You can watch the video and try to learn the key points from it, to apply to your next video on TikTok.


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 most liked TikTok

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Concluding, we have read about TikTok and the most liked TikTok. We also read about how we can be the next one in the explore tab of Instagram and get collaboration emails from companies. We hope you liked reading the article.