Jalaiah Harmon, the creator behind the famous Renegade TikTok song, has certainly reshaped the global world of the internet. From training in traditional ways of all kinds to taking hip-hop classes, she has been successful in building herself a great career online. Be it posting original choreography content or collaborating with the peers, she has been doing it all.N3Ew3oSk69fI2fuxYFvl7Q1cS6IEan1t2LuOXE1iUM3k gDHiNhPVCNMAmW5yaUxnwCu WJA0VqbN75Ptu4p Meet Renegade TikTok Song Creator: Jalaiah Harmon

Recently, one of her sequences has become one of the most viral online dances for sure known as the Renegade song.

Presently, there is not really anything as huge as this song right now. Teenagers from all across the world have been dancing to the Renegade song at pep rallies, in the high school hallways, and definitely on the internet.

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Famous global celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lizzo, David Dobrik, K-pop band Stray Kids, and even TikTok superstar Charli D’Amelio have been popularizing this song through their TikTok social media accounts to gain followers. But one person, that has still not successfully capitalized on the attention she should have from this song is the