Jalaiah Harmon, the creator behind the famous Renegade TikTok song, has certainly reshaped the global world of the internet. From training in traditional ways of all kinds to taking hip-hop classes, she has been successful in building herself a great career online. Be it posting original choreography content or collaborating with the peers, she has been doing it all.N3Ew3oSk69fI2fuxYFvl7Q1cS6IEan1t2LuOXE1iUM3k gDHiNhPVCNMAmW5yaUxnwCu WJA0VqbN75Ptu4p Meet Renegade TikTok Song Creator: Jalaiah Harmon

Recently, one of her sequences has become one of the most viral online dances for sure known as the Renegade song.

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Presently, there is not really anything as huge as this song right now. Teenagers from all across the world have been dancing to the Renegade song at pep rallies, in the high school hallways, and definitely on the internet.

Famous global celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lizzo, David Dobrik, K-pop band Stray Kids, and even TikTok superstar Charli D’Amelio have been popularizing this song through their TikTok social media accounts to gain followers. But one person, that has still not successfully capitalized on the attention she should have from this song is the 14-year-old creator, Jalaiah Harmon.

TikTok is certainly one of the most gigantic video applications. The platform has also become pretty synonymous with the present-day dance culture. Some of the most popular TikTok dances include songs such as Renegade and the Holy Moly Donut Shop amongst others.

Jalaiah considers herself to be a suburban kid. She lives in a gorgeous home located on the outskirts of Atlanta, USA. She is a participant in a recognized dance community filled with some co-opting mainstream influencers.

On 25th September 2019, when she came home from school, she asked her friend, Kaliyah Davis, whom she met through Instagram, to come to join her in creating a post together. They both listened to some upbeat songs such as “Lottery” intensely, choreographed some steps, and also incorporated some of the most viral dance moves out there.

After completing the filming, she posted it on Funimate and then on Instagram. She has over 17,000 followers on Funimate and 20,000 followers on Instagram.

After spending a good number of hours in the 9th grade as well as the dance classes, she hopped into various videos. Her purpose was to get the word out. For this reason, she commented on numerous videos wherein she also asked all the influencers to tag her. But mostly, she was only ignored or ridiculed. Jalaiah also set up her TikTok account, and created a video for herself right in front of the green screen.

Some common questions related to popular TikTok songs you should know about are below.

Should you use trending songs on TikTok? Renegade TikTok song

TikTok users in their day-to-day life might come across some audios or songs that have been gaining popularity across other social media platforms as well. However, one thing they should not really worry about is repeating these songs. Most TikTok creators commonly use a popular sound multiple times. After they have identified the sound, TikTok users can then make videos that resonate with the trending videos on TikTok.

What influence do TikTok users have on popular songs?

In the present day, all the songs gaining popularity on TikTok hugely influence global music charts such as Billboard. Rather than billboards describing which songs are popular, today TikTok and its users decide that. Songs used by well-known TikTok creators trend more.

How to use trending songs on TikTok?

If you want to use a popular sound from a TikTok video, simply click on the scrolling text’s small strip that is available towards the video’s bottom left corner. Clicking on it will take you to next page. On this page, you will see, all videos from TikTok creators who have used the same sound in their TikTok videos for reference.