Tik Tok is a Chinese video app that has been around since 2016. Tik Tok was able to significantly expand its presence in the Western by purchasing its precursor Musical.ly, as well as its triumphant march is now inevitable. It operates in a reasonably straightforward manner.

The users can create short films using a variety of innovative tools. Customers regularly danced or sing, but they also frequently do humor or re-enact movie sequences. There are still no limitations to inventiveness, and both youthful and older people like using the program; nevertheless, most are under the age of 20.

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most viewed videos on TikTok
Most viewed videos on Tik Tok:2021 3

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Zach King currently holds the world record for the most-watched Tik Tok of all time, with 2.2 BILLION views at the time of publishing. He inhabits a further 3 spots also on the list, of 4 video clips in the top 5.  Bella Poarch as well as Addison Rae is also spotlighted.

Most leading videos on TikTok

The leading most popular TikTok video clips of most of all time are listed below.

1) 2.2 billion views for Zach King’s video of illusion on harry potter

The uncontested King of imagination TikTok’s is back with a new video. With 2.2 *BILLION* views, Zach presently holds the record for most-viewed video on  Tik Tok of all time.

2) 1.7 billion views for James Charles’ wonderland transition

Without James Charles, it was not the most-watched list. Despite the success of his cosmetic makeovers, dancing performances, and vocal collaborations on the application

3) Zach King’s video on illusion of hiding and get around 1.1 billion views

Then there’s Zach’s amazing illusion video. How zack does manage it?!

4) 965.8 million watches on Zach King video of illusion on cake glass

Zach’s at it already, this again with a deception that will make you doubt things. Would there be a slash in the fabric? Is it retouched?. This clip has a total of 13.2 million likes, however genuinely?.

5) 659.2 million views on Zach King’s paint loop

Zach once more… Who else is doing it as well as he is? Zach posted this Tik Tok in October of 2021 and it was still gaining popularity more than a year later and become one of the most viewed videos on Tik Tok.

most viewed videos on TikTok
Most viewed videos on Tik Tok:2021 4

6) A video of Bella’s get 610.8 million views.

Bella’s ‘M To the B’ video is Tik Tok’s most loved clip around 50 million likes (at the time of the last update), Still, quite terrible for a clip from August 2022 that simply shows someone bouncing their head to the famous Millie B song. That’s not terrible at all.

7) Daeox’s video related to infant has received 375.2 million views.

In December of 2022, a clip of Daeox’s lovely kid was uploaded on Tik Tok and immediately rose to the top of the most- watched list. With 33.4 million likes, the video has become one of the highest popular on the internet. A week later, the identical video was uploaded on the account, garnering additional 74 million views.

Viewed videos on Tik Tok

8) 325.8 million views on Billie Eilish’s challenge of face wrapping

Billie Eilish’s debut Tik Tok is not just the most popular, one of the most loved clip on the network as a whole. The clip has received around 36 million likes.

9) 302.9 Million Views for Addison Rae’s WAP challenge

In August and September of 2022, the ‘WAP’ competition overtook Tik Tok, with versions and dancing styles sweeping the FYP. The perspective of war, however, was gained by Addison Rae’s interpretation of Brian Esperon’s dance. With 23.2 million views, Addison’s ‘WAP’ act is among the most popular on the internet.

10) Kison Kee’s  clip  received 298.4 million times.

Kison Kee’s humorous “Children! Morning Breakfast is prepared!” video, which has 25.2 million likes, but it is perhaps one of the most loved and most viewed videos on Tik Tok.