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When it comes to defining Tiktok, you can call it phenomena. Marketers around the world are racing to leverage the power of this new social networking platform. Tiktok has already surpassed the 2 billion downloads mark and it’s the most downloaded non-gaming app in the world. Eventually, this stands as the biggest reason for any brand or influencer to establish them on this platform. In this write-up, we’ve jotted down the tactics and marketing strategies for TikTok.


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What’s the Goal of Tiktok

TikTok encourages its users to create funny and entertaining videos. The platform makes it easy to edit audio and video, which makes it stand outside the crowd. Incepted in China, the organization is already valued at billions of dollars.  To know more about what is Tiktok and the history behind its creation, click here!

Most of the videos on Tiktok are humorous and they’re usually 15 and 60 seconds long. They involve challenges, and scenes from everyday life – from physical exercises to recipes. TikTok is a peer-to-peer network, and there lies a big challenge for brands.

Who Uses Tiktok the Most

About 66% of Tiktok users are under 30. However, you can already see a rapid influx of people over 30 on the platform. The popularity of the platform among younger audience seems to be inevitable, and so do the importance of knowing the right marketing strategies for TikTok.

Is Tiktok Suitable for Brand Promotions?

Let’s face it! As said before, one of the hallmarks of TikTok is humorous content. If your company is formal and very serious, it may not make sense to join the platform. For example, it doesn’t seem to make sense for a traditional law firm to be on TikTok right now. Maybe in the future that will change. 

The same goes for those who target audiences over the age of 40. Sure, you can have an indirect outreach strategy, as one of the cases we brought below shows. But this is an exception. 

When evaluating whether or not TikTok is for your business, consider your ability to produce content.  If the essence of your brand connects with the network, and if it makes sense for your target audience, you can surely leverage the potential of Tiktok. Consider these three steps as your homework before you sit for preparing marketing strategies for TikTok

How Brands Can Use Tiktok

There are three primary to use the platform for brand promotion.-

  • Create their own account and upload their own videos.
  • Work with influencers in a partnership format.
  • Advertise on the platform in an advertising format
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However, exploring these three alternatives can be a challenge for marketing professionals. The platform has unique characteristics, but we already have dozens of success stories.

Marketing ideas and strategies for TikTok

Marketing Strategies for TikTok which worked – Success Stories 

To inspire, nothing better than seeing what has already worked. We have gathered below some cases. Check them out. 

North American Starbucks

The company is not officially in TikTok, but an attendant of the brand (@starbucksrecipeswithm) already has millions of views that come up with innovative recipes. The attendant’s profile has now crossed the mark of 2 million followers. 

Starbucks, knowing the potential of Tiktok in terms of connecting with the audience, has put the bet on an action that differs a lot from the other organizations’ marketing strategies. The best part is, it worked! Starbucks took the TikTok dynamic seriously, which encourages the “people to people” communication methodology.

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Maria Brasileira

A cleaning services franchise Maria Brasileira has done something similar to the North American Starbucks. However, the bet was on a partnership with influencer Patricia Alves (@patriciapamm), who has almost 140 thousand followers. The tiktoker recorded videos, mentioning the brand. The result was an 800% growth in the number of followers in one week! 

Even though the franchise’s audience, diarists, is not on the platform, the company understood that it could still reach its target via the younger crowd using the platform. And, according to the brand’s evaluation, it worked. 

Guaraná Antarctica

Guaraná Antarctica has an active and busy profile. It posts content produced by the brand and get them reposted by its partner influencers. By accessing the profile it is clear what companies must do to be successful on TikTok. The videos are generic content, not advertisements, which induces the interest of the viewers. 

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The content on TikTok must be made for the platform and they should meet its particularities. Following this will surely help you in making the most of the marketing strategies for TikTok

Guess and Calvin Klein

In addition to content, brands have successfully marketed themselves by creating challenges on the platform. Guess and Calvin Klein have already launched hashtag challenge campaigns on TikTok and had good repercussions. Guess’ hashtag #InMyDenim was used to encourage users to share their best pictures and it won around 37 million views. Not bad, right?

TikTok’s Tip for Your Brand 

The most successful brands always embrace the creativity and authenticity of the community. The content on TikTok is unique. What resonates most are real-life moments, so the practice we recommend for brands is to stay true to their essence, ensuring that the content is authentic to the format.

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Tiktok Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen 

Are you thinking of replicating your Instagram and Facebook marketing strategies for TikTok? It probably won’t work. If you are already a user of the platform, you must have realized that the network has its own identity. The fact is, TikTok can’t be ignored, even if your target audience is not on the network now. Soon they will be, and you already need to think about that near future. 

How to create marketing strategies for TikTok – the Pro-Tip

Before joining the social network you need to think about more complex issues, such as strategy, the frequency of posts, which influencers in the network make sense for your brand to associate with. Don’t bet on TikTok without good planning and understanding if it makes sense for your brand. 

Finally, it’s worth remembering that like everything in digital marketing, there is no so-called “cake recipe”. So, to make the most out of your marketing strategies for Tiktok, it’s necessary to observe and understand how people use the platform. Consider checking out the comments, the most liked posts, and so on. Above all, don’t push it!

Hope the provided info looks useful to you. In case, you need help in gaining more Tiktok followers, feel free to reach us!