When we talk about TikTok, as we all know it is all about songs and music; so, when we look for the most popular TikTok songs, we get to see a variety of songs being used in the videos. You get to see funny voiceovers, catchy mashups, and many other entertaining posts. Also, recently it has been seen that many songs are gaining popularity back on this platform. Not only the old ones but also many newly launched tracks are featured and used in most of the content on this platform. 

Perks of Being a content creator:

If you are a content creator, you not only gain recognition but also you get to earn from the fantastic content you develop. And for earning you just have to upload fresh content and maintain a good number of followers. There are many ways to gain followers, one is by consistently uploading good content on your channel. But it is a very lengthy process. Worry not, you can also buy different followers on TikTok, there are many websites from which you can buy followers on TikTok.

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This high number of followers attracts more people and, in the end, helps you to earn big. But this also depends on the quality and quantity of the content you upload. If you upload boring content or if the interval between consecutive posts is high, they will lead to decreased number of followers as people won’t be interested in your work anymore.

img 60d2c8a10a363 Looking For The Most Popular TikTok Songs?

When we look for the most popular songs you get to see so many songs being employed by many creators for their contents. And this has also made TikTok the launching platform for the songs for many. Following are the 5 most popular TikTok songs:
img 60d2c8a2396b4 Looking For The Most Popular TikTok Songs?

 1. Kreepa ‘s “Oh No”

“Oh No” is the most popularly used song on Tiktok. Its music is best for the situations like troubling situations or funny situations which makes it top the chart. For example, there is a video featuring a cat about to fall into the tub. Also, there is another video featuring an old lady rocking in her chair so much that she tips over. There are around 13.1 million videos on this platform using this song. 

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2. Xilo ‘s “Aesthetic”

This song is another most popular TikTok songs and is featured in every second of TikTok videos. Artists tend to use this song very often. Tell a story, show a day in the life, or demonstrating a how-to video commonly have this song. Around 12.1 million videos are having this song as the background on TikTok.

3. Erica Banks’s “Buss It” 

This song is basically used by people who like to showcase their fashion taste and outfits. The focus is totally on the outfits in those videos. So, if you are looking for a track that you can use to showcase your outfits or luxury life this is the best suit. Around 6 million videos have this song as their background.

4. Wale feat. Miguel’s “Lotus Flower Bomb” 

This is an old song that was revived recently by a famous TikTok star in his dancing video. Because of its easy to mimic and dance characteristics this song is used and liked by everyone. You can find this song in around 4.6 million videos and most popular TikTok songs.

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5. Olivia Rodrigo’s “driver's license” 

Being used in almost 2 million videos this song has become the main attraction to the creators of FOR you pages in 2021. Many choreographers use this music to showcase their speedy choreographed performances. But because of its sad nature, sad lyrics, and numb vibes, it has been used in many videos showing heartbreaks, or other sad situations. Around 1.9 million videos use this song.