How To Use TikTok On PC And Mac? Get TikTok App On Windows, macOS

TikTok is the social network of the moment. Many people have fallen in love with this short video production app that has quickly become one of the most downloaded apps on the Play Store and App Store. In the year 2022, the apps download was boosted by almost five times compared to 2021. Of course, the Covid-19 lockdowns played a major role to encourage this as most of us stayed back at home and were seeking some sort of entertainment. Talking about entertainment, what else could be better than this wonderful short video-sharing platform – TikTok? Other major social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp were all in the queue after TikTok. Though, Facebook and Whatsapp are easily operational on browsers, but what if you want to use TikTok on PC?  


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Although it is a mobile app, it has a web version with limited features that can be accessed directly in the browser. But what makes this application limit its features on a browser? There’s a major purpose behind it, which is very similar to that of Instagram. The moment people are able to use TikTok on PCs without any restriction, it’s quite possible that the application downloads might see a downfall.

The probability of usage and the time spent on mobile applications are pretty high to that of operating on a PC’s browser. It’s because our mobile devices are handy and almost available to us anytime and anywhere. Besides, the fun of using such an app on mobile is far more exhilarating.

However, for those users who want to use more features and interact with the app’s posts on the PC, it is possible to use BlueStacks App Player, an Android simulator.

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Use TikTok on PC
How to use TikTok on PC – All that you need to know 22

Use TikTok on PC – A step by step guide

Excited to know how you could use TikTok on PC? Well, this post will answer all your queries. Let’s begin!

Step 1

Firstly, Go to the official TikTok website and click the “Watch Now” link to see which videos are up.

Step 2

Similar to the mobile app, you will be on the page with the most popular videos. At the top, you can change the option to discover new videos.

Step 3

Did you find the video which interests you? Simply click on it and start watching. Besides, you will also have the option to share the video on your social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and others.

However, to like and view comments, you must be logged in or use the mobile version of TikTok. In this web version, you cannot comment.

Step 4

Now, if you want to upload new videos from the browser, click the “Upload Video” option in the upper right corner.

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These were the steps of how to use TikTok on PCs without installing any application. Though there will restrictions, you can use it to spend some quality time entertaining yourself while you are on your desktop.

Let’s check out the steps to use TikTok on PC with all the features 

Step 1

As discussed earlier, to enable full access to TikTok just the way you have it in the mobile version; you would require downloading Bluestacks App Player. BlueStacks is an android simulator, which not only will allow you to use TikTok on PC, but you can use it to run various other android applications.

 To do so, simply visit BluStacks official website and choose to download TikTok on PC

Step 2

Once done, run the application and click on ‘Install Now’.

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Step 3

Have some patience while the download is in process. Generally, it takes a couple of minutes to complete depending on your internet speed.

Step 4

Once it’s downloaded, open the Bluestacks application. Wait for few minutes as this application requires some time to open up.

Step 5

Once the program has started, click “Sign in” to log in with your Play Store account. If you are an iOS user, just log in using a Gmail account. Done? Congrats, just a few steps left to use TikTok on PC.

Step 6 

Click “Login” to gain access to the Play Store. Enter your email address and password to release access.

Step 7

Once you are logged in, search for TikTok in the Play Store, as if you were using it on your smartphone. The icon available on the BlueStacks home screen may lead to an international download that is not available, so search directly in the store. Once you find TikTok, click install and let the process complete.

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Step 8 – the final stage to use TikTok on PC

Once started, you may notice that the five main platform icons are located in the inner corner. To log in to your TikTok account click on “Me”, and enter your login and password – you can create an account on the app using your Instagram profile, Facebook profile, or with your Gmail account.

Step 9 

Even though there is a button for the video recording function, this version does not allow recording videos. But you can discover new users and content and interact with the videos by liking or sharing with other users.

With this version of TikTok in the app emulator, you can choose your interests in videos, discover new users, view videos, interact, and share content.

However, if you have been on the mobile application previously, you might feel some difficulty while you use TikTok on a PC. It’s because unlike mobile, you would need to wrap your head around the desktop screen to find out what you are looking for. Still, at times, especially during work we seek breaks to chill out, and in such scenarios, TikTok has always been up to the mark to meet your need.

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