Tiktok is a great platform to show off your talents to the entire world and connect with people all across the world as followers. Even though TikTok filters are fun, some people still don’t know how to remove Tiktok Filters.

If you are a regular user of the app then you will come across many filters that enhance a video or even make the video quite comical depending on the filter you add to the video. 

There are times when you want to record a video in the natural environment without adding filters to beautify your face or your surroundings.

So if you are having trouble removing any filter on a TikTok video, then keeping reading this guide.

how to remove TikTok filters

What are TikTok filters?

Similar to image filters available on Instagram, TikTok filters change how a video looks, i.e. their appearance. There are a variety of filters for TikTok users to choose from.

Basic TikTok filters come pre-installed while the other filters are available for users to download as and when they come across or look for them.

You can add a filter before recording a video on Tiktok to get a preview of the frame as to how the entire video might out.

How to remove TikTok filters?

  1. Tiktok provides users the freedom to add either one filter to a frame or multiple filters on a single frame. So in simple words, a TikTok video has the potential to include a lot of filters available on Tiktok.
  2. If you have a pre-recorded video that has filters on them and if you are having a tough time removing the filters from the video then keep reading.
  3. Open the TikTok App and find the draft video from your TikTok profile.
  4. You will then have to click on the draft and click ‘Back’. This will take you back to the Tiktok video editor.
  5. The bottom panel will host ‘Effects’
  6. Every filter added on the draft TikTok video will get removed once you tap on the ‘Effects’. But there’s the catch with tapping on the effects at the bottom panel will undo all the filters at once. You won’t have the option to keep a filter as all of them will get removed.
how to remove TikTok filters
  1. If you happen to more than one filter on the video, then you can tap on ‘Undo’ to remove filters.
  2. In the reverse order exactly in the order, you added them on.
  3. There is no restriction to the maximum number of times the undo option will work for a video.
  4. You can tap undo until you are left with nothing but a filter-less draft video.
  5. You have to tap the Save option to save all the changes that you made on the draft video.
  6. In case you have added filters after recording the video on TikTok, then you have to option to remove that.
  7. To remove filter post-recording, you have to tap on ‘Filters’ present on the right side of the panel and tap the option ‘Normal’.
  8. This will ensure all the filters post-recording are removed and all you are left with is the natural video.
  9. If you have selected a filter, then recorded your video, then you have not the option to remove the filter from the video.
  10. How to remove TikTok filters you don’t use
  11. If your filter tab has become long and annoying then you can remove the unwanted filters.
  12. All you have a tap on ‘Filters’ present on the right-hand panel, scroll to the extreme right, and tap ‘Manage’.
  13. You can then remove the filters you don’t use and clear your filters tab.
  14. Keep only those filters that you use daily.