How To Remove Phone Number From TikTok?See below.


Phone numbers are the most accessible contact details that can make you connect to anyone. If you happen to have your phone number on TikTok and do not know how to remove the phone number from TikTok, you should continue reading this.

Having your phone number on TikTok has both a good side and a bad side.

The good side is you get to connect and maintain contact with people from across the world by just dialing their number.

The bad side being anyone now has the power to make contact with you if you happen to provide your number on TikTok.

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Now that gaining followers are even more difficult, people think giving their phone number will do the trick.

how to remove phone number from TikTok

To ensure you are not getting random phone calls from your followers or frauds day and night and to protect yourself from the same, it is best that you remove your phone number from TikTok, and not replace it.

Given today’s situation, we all have a work phone number and a personal phone number, putting either of the numbers on TikTok means you will have one phone that will just not stop ringing.

Here’s how to remove phone number from TikTok and not replace it to avoid getting unwanted phone calls from fellow users of TikTok.

Step by Step Guide of How to Remove Phone Number from TikTok

  1. Start by opening the app and going to the ‘Privacy and Settings’ on the TikTok App.
  2. You will find the option that reads as ‘Report a problem’ under the category of ‘Support’.
  3. Tap on the option, you will find several Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. You are required to scroll past that to the category that reads as ‘Select a topic’.
  5. Tap on ‘Account & Profile Settings‘ available in the category of Select a topic.
  6. You will find the option of Phone Number, by tapping on it you will find plenty of options in the form of statements for you to choose from.
  7. Given that you are looking for an answer as to how to remove a phone number from TikTok, you can select the option ‘I want to change associated Phone Number’ by tapping on it.
  8. The feedback and help section will provide you the answer as to how you can change the phone number associated with your TikTok Account.
  9. You will be required to go to ‘Me’.
  10. Tap on the ‘Settings’ that is present at the right-hand corner on the top of your screen. You will then have the option to choose ‘Manage my Account’ > ‘Phone Number’.
  11. Since you are going for removing your phone number and not changing it, you will have to click No, when the feedback presents you with the question, is your problem resolved?
  12. You will then be diverted to the place where you will be able to type your message stating your problem.
  13. To ensure you get the right feedback, write that you no longer have the access to the phone number your TikTok account is currently associated with. 
  14. Please Help, as you have changed your number.
  15. You will be then asked to verify your presence by providing details such as your Username, Sign-up date, recent login activity, registered device, and old phone number (the one you plan on removing).
how to remove phone number from TikTok

You will then receive a message from TikTok asking for an email ID that they can bind with your account.

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The key here is to remember that it takes around 7 days to remove a phone number from your TikTok Account.

Most of the time people remove phone numbers because they have two TikTok Accounts and only one smartphone and since you can’t move the number from one phone to another, you can just remove the number altogether.


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