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Looking for the right info on how to go live on TikTok? Well, we’ve got you covered! Check out this post and get to know!!

Streaming your actions live to people across the globe is now just a matter of a click! Be it showing off your dance moves or showcasing your cooking skills using TikTok, you can complete the process with just a few taps of your finger. 

However, there are a handful of guidelines that you need to meet before you start. This post works as a beginners’ handbook that explains how to go live on TikTok and kickstart your live-streaming journey. Keep reading!

TikTok live-streaming – All that you need to know

TikTok works in quite a different way if compared to other social media platforms. Meeting a number of requirements before starting with the broadcasting is required here. If you are a beginner, you need to have a minimum of a thousand followers to start broadcasting.

 In case, your account lacks the number, the live-streaming option won’t show up. Once you gain the number, the button will automatically appear. The other must-meet criterion is, you must have crossed your sixteen. 

Indeed, TikTok allows people as young as thirteen to join the platform, but when it comes to live-streaming the requirement is a tad holder. To become eligible to receive virtual gifts that you can exchange for cash, you need to be of at least eighteen years old. 

If you have already met the above requirements, you can start training yourself in the TikTok community. 

Go live on TikTok – Steps that you need to follow

Now is the time to answer the question, how to go live on TikTok? Here we go!

First, open the TikTok app. Once done, tap on the “+” button which is located at the bottom of the screen. Now you can see the live option, which you can find under the record button. Give your live stream a suitable title that must describe the content of the video. 

Tap on Go Live and when done, tap the “X” button in order to finish the stream. Yeah! You are live on TikTok now. 

So, now you know the process of streaming live on TikTok. But what about gaining thousand plus followers? Let’s find out in the following section of this post!

Getting 1000+ followers for TikTok Live

Undoubtedly, TikTok is booming these days and it has created room for enhancing the organic reach on the platform.  Attracting a quality audience is not rocket science, instead, it’s all about knowing the right hacks related to the same. 

Strategic utilization of Hashtags 

The key is to use the hashtags that your ideal followers are already using. Hashtag works quite robustly, making the process of finding relevant followers for your streams convenient. 

Next, if we talk about fetching the relevant hashtags, TikTok itself is a great help. When you start typing them, TikTok shows up hundreds of options. You can even see how many views can a potential hashtag drag. 

Remember, that you have only 150 characters for the caption.

  1. Drafting the captions with the right strategies

 Don’t forget to insert the right keywords or key phrases in your captions. They must be used by your target market. Make sure your captions are brief, attractive, yet to the point. You can also consider adding text titles over your TikTok video. 

There are many scenarios in which the viewer doesn’t have the sound on, here the usefulness of text titles comes into the picture. 

  1. Create engaging content

Creating content is more like a child’s play, but when you put the word engaging into it, it takes a lot. Research a lot, Be well informed about your niche and find out topics that are trending. Keep it crisp yet magnetic! 

Research well on what your viewers are looking for and create streams accordingly. This will definitely help you in hitting the bullseye. 

  1. Maintaining consistency matters a lot

If you are aiming for TikTok live, raising the follower count to the set limit is mandatory. One of the most effective tricks to gain more followers on TikTok is maintaining consistency, In actuality, it’s the golden rule of almost every social media platform. 

For beginners, the word consistency can be better defined as posting at least one video every day. The reason behind following this strategy is, in case you don’t get enough views of a post someday, the other day can help you shine.  

  1. Networking – one of the most powerful tools

Did you know, TikTok algorithm knows very well about your domain, your identity, and the types of video you like the most. So, to become the favorite of the TikTok algorithm, curate your For You page in such a way that it turns into a robust tool of networking. 

Apart from that be a little active and reply to the comments. It will create a channel of conversation with your viewers. Naturally and gradually you will create a satisfactory network over the platform.  

TikTok Live – Is it only for individual use?

Well… the straight answer to the question is no! TikTok is a powerful platform that can help businesses in developing a remarkable online presence. So, if you plan to go live on TikTok to promote your brand or business, you are doing it absolutely right!

TikTok is not only meant for showcasing your extracurricular talents but also for creating a way to channelize your communication to a vast audience. 

Final Word

Knowing the right hacks of using TikTok may help you to gain the desired level of fame and recognition. However, you must go live on TikTok to experience the bliss of success. So remember the guidelines and the steps for going live so that you can make the most out of this leading social media platform. 

TikToking is fun, it’s enjoyable and at the same time, it’s useful. Be it promoting your business or showcasing your talent, TikTok can help you in the way you want it to. So, if you are already using TikTok, make sure you are using it in the right way, and if you are yet to experience the amazing feeling of being a part of this renowned platform go for opening an account today. Enjoy streaming, Enjoy TikTok live