Tiktok is a widely used application around the world. You can find so many social media influencers that are a part of the tiktok community. This platform gives an amazing opportunity to people to showcase their talent and influence people at large. If you love tiktok too, then you must know how to get to drafts on tiktok.

how to get to drafts on tiktok

Drafts are really important because they contain all your saved videos that you have not posted but edited. The draft on tiktok is similar to any draft that is created in emails, Instagram. Let us learn more about it.

Tiktok Drafts

Drafts are an amazing feature given by tiktok. It is like a storage bag where you can keep the plethora of content created by you. Whenever you want to find something interesting to upload you can get the content from the drafts created by you. 

For the people that are top content creators and that make more than one video in a day. For them, drafts are a good option to store them. Shooting videos take time and precision. Once you have the equipment set and going you can shoot multiple videos together instead of one. When you wish to upload them you can find them from the drafts.

How to make a draft on tiktok

To make a draft on tiktok you need to follow some simple steps given below. Let us see them one by one.

  • Open the application on your mobile. (Android and apple both users can use this app)
  • Once opened click on the + sign that appears on your screen. (clicking on this will open the camera so you can start making the video)
  • You can record the video you want and once you have recorded click on the next option.
  • Click on the drafts button that appears on the left bottom corner of the screen.

This way your video will be saved to the drafts and you can use it anytime for future use.

How to get to drafts on tiktok

Once you have made the drafts how to get to drafts on tiktok is the next question. Making drafts is not the solution. You should be able to check them and use them when you want. Let us see how you can get to your drafts.

  • First, open the application on your device.
  • Then click on the me button which you see on the screen. You will see the content that you posted on your profile and besides that, you will see a drafts folder with the number of drafts video written on it.
  • Click that button and you will see all the videos that you made before that were not posted saved here.

Now you can select any video you like and edit it, delete it, post it directly as per your wish.

Deleting Drafts

Once you know how to make drafts and how to get to drafts on tiktok next step will be learning how to delete them. It is also very simple and requires few steps. Let us look at them.

how to get to drafts on tiktok
  • Click on me button on the screen once again.
  • Then open the drafts and find the video that you no longer want to save.
  • Once you find to make a right to left swipe and the word delete will appear on the screen.
  • Click on delete and your draft will be deleted. Simple.

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